What Good Looks Like...From a Buyer's Perspective

Jay Davis


It’s our job as solution providers to help our customers make informed decisions throughout the sales cycle. To do this, we need to understand their thinking and requirements by asking meaningful questions and providing relevant insight throughout the buying experience.

Every buyer goes through four phases of decision milestones during any sales cycle:

  1. Should I even engage or take the seller’s call?
  2. Is there sufficient interest or value to keep talking with the seller?
  3. Should I change status quo and do this? (Meaning, do what the seller is proposing?)
  4. Should I do this with the seller’s organization? Should I try to do this myself or with some other organization?

When we put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes, we gain more insight into their thought process. We can focus each discussion on the topics and associated decisions that are most relevant to the buyer and most appropriate to where we are in the sales cycle.

Seeking first to understand the buyer’, rather than rushing in with a sales pitch, will make the buying experience more positive and enable our customers to make informed decisions in the best interest of their organizations. 

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