It’s launching! Jhana for Individuals

We are pleased to announce the launch of Jhana® for Individuals on May 15.

For 10 years, Jhana, FranklinCovey’s performance support tool for managers, has been providing actionable tips and tools to help leaders build skills, solve problems, and be more effective in their jobs. But in today’s fast-changing workplace, all employees—not just leaders—need future-critical skills to help them grow and adapt. 

Now Jhana can help every single employee in an organization communicate with emotional intelligence, become a collaborative problem-solver, manage their time and priorities for business impact, and more.

What is Jhana for Individuals?

Jhana for Individuals consists of an individual-contributor focused weekly newsletter and a resource library. It’s a companion product to the existing version, Jhana for Leaders.

Both libraries live on the Jhana website, so there’s a single website with two interfaces: one for individual contributors and one for managers. 

Library Customized for Individual Contributors

Part of Jhana’s secret to success is that we take an audience-first approach. Every resource in the Jhana for Individuals interface is relevant for individual contributors (just like every resource in Jhana for Leaders is relevant for managers). This same level of customization applies to the newsletters.

The result? Learners trust and value our content because everything we put in front of them is relevant to their specific experience and gives them quick, bite-size advice on new behaviors to try to improve their day-to-day work. They can easily find what they’re looking for without having to sift through a bunch of manager content. 

It's made for them.

New content delivered weekly

We will be sending fresh content and library favorites every week to learners via a second edition of the Jhana Weekly newsletter.

The newsletter will look and feel similar to the existing one for managers in terms of:

  • Branding

  • Types of resources (videos, tips, articles, tools, self-assessments)

  • Tone

  • Timing (sent on Wednesday mornings)

There will be a small notice in the footer indicating the newsletter edition (Jhana for Individuals or Jhana for Leaders). 

Nearly 500 Jhana-produced resources available at launch

We will launch the Jhana for Individuals interface with 23 topics in 3 categories:

Although most of these topic names are the same in the Jhana for Leaders interface, they feature only resources relevant for individual contributors.

At launch, we will also have three new topics, circled above. 

Flexible platform

Both libraries—Jhana for Individuals and Jhana for Leaders—live on the Jhana website. Individual contributors will see the Individuals interface by default. Managers will see the Leaders interface by default. 

  • Learners will be able to access any content links regardless of role. If you send a manager link or an HR Center link to an individual contributor, that person will be able to open the link and access the content.

  • Learners can manage their subscriptions and default view on their user account page, accessible via the user icon in the upper right corner of the site and pictured below.

  • Users can subscribe to one or both newsletters.

  • Users can change their default website content view setting (e.g., a manager can toggle to see the Individuals library, and vice versa).

  • HR-level users will receive the manager newsletter, see the Jhana for Leaders library by default, and will see the HR Center tab in their top navigation bar. They can adjust their content view and subscriptions on the user account page to see the Individuals interface.

  • Unsubscribing to emails here does not affect Learning Track emails—only Jhana Weekly. 

  • Users who unsubscribe from Jhana Weekly using this page can come back and resubscribe at any time.


How do I add individual contributor learners to Jhana

In the Jhana user upload sheet (available in the Jhana Launch Center), label individual-contributor learners as “IC” (just as you label managers as  “manager”). They’ll then receive the proper emails and library interface. You can access the upload sheet in the Launch Center on Jhana.

I have individual contributor learners in Jhana already—how do I ensure that they see Jhana for Individuals?

As long as they were labeled as “IC” upon upload, they will see the Jhana for Individuals library. And they can update their subscriptions on their user account page. We are not automatically unsubscribing IC learners from the manager newsletter because we do not want to interrupt their experience. We will put a notice in an upcoming newsletter to explain how people can now manage their own subscriptions.

Will individual contributors get customized welcome emails? 

Yes! You can see examples of the welcome emails in the Launch Center on Jhana under "Kickoff."

How can I tell the individual contributor and manager content apart? 

Individual contributor-specific content will have an “IC” at the end of the URL so that you can tell them apart. We did not want to make the distinction obvious because we don’t want individual contributors to feel like they’re getting a separate or watered-down version of Jhana. 


Please reach out to All Access Care at with questions.  

If you haven’t yet given your learners access to Jhana, now is a great time. Please speak with your Client Partner or Implementation Specialist to get started.


About the Author

Loren Mooney

Loren Mooney is the managing director of Jhana, FranklinCovey's performance support tool to help managers and individual contributors become more effective at work. She has more than two decades of experience in senior editorial positions at publications including Reader's Digest, Bicycling, and Sunset Magazine and has served as a consulting editor for Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Loren loves to lead teams to do really hard things they haven't done before.

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