Introducing On Demand Impact Journeys: A New Modality to Drive Impact Across Your Organization

New On Demand Impact Journeys

Friends & Clients,

Many of you have told me how important it is that your leadership development programs are able to scale across your whole leader and even employee population. Many of you are not able to offer every employee a live training experience, and sometimes a single On Demand module or the Jhana newsletter (while great) isn’t enough on its own to have the kind of programmatic impact you need.

Given this, we are THRILLED to announce a new way for you drive scale & impact in your leadership development and soft skill training programs: FranklinCovey’s On Demand Impact Journeys.

These are self-paced, 1-6 hour, cohesive, on demand experiences. They hit head on some of the most important topics organizations face today, like emotional intelligence, personal effectiveness, empathy, vision, and much more. They’re beautiful. They’re powerful. They’re filled with FranklinCovey’s best content. They can be used as standalone content or combine well with live and live-online delivery as pre-work or as post-work reinforcement coaching.

Here are the first 11 titles, with dozens more to come in 2021:

The new On Demand Impact Journeys

Here’s an example of the journey Building High Trust as a Leader:

Building High Trust Leaders Impact Journey

Clients are already saying: “I wanted to thank you and the FranklinCovey Team for creating the new Impact Journeys in AAP; they are so beautifully designed and engaging!”

Some other features our clients are excited about:

  • Content on the topics that matter, by competency.
  • Small design nudges throughout to encourage completion by learners.
  • Report and track all completions.
  • Monthly feature updates to keep learning fresh and effective.

The benefits are multiple:

  1. Increase the scale and impact of your leadership development and soft skill programs.
  2. Easy to launch, administer, and track
  3. Enables “flip the classroom” learning where learners complete the journeys and then go through live coaching with their peers.
  4. Attractive and engaging to your learners

Curious? Want to try them out? Click the titles below to see the first 11 journeys we’ve launched:

What’s next with these On Demand Impact Journeys:

  • We expect to add dozens of new journeys in 2021, with new ones just about every month on topics like resilience, well-being, and leadership.
  • Initially, these journeys can be assigned as an external link. Soon, you’ll be able to assign learners the complete journey and track completions.
  • Vote up / vote down buttons on every piece of content and every journey, to make sure the full experience is working.
  • Better LMS integration.

Finally, I want to thank the incredibly talented team who created these:

  • Amy Parkin, Director of Learning Solutions & Innovations
  • Dave Sabour, Director of Software Development
  • Riley Onyon, Creative & Art Director
  • Ed Ghallagher, Systems Administrator

Please send me your feedback! We want these to be exceptional –– so we need your input on what works and what you wish were better. Email me directly at I’m grateful for whatever you can share.

Sending you positive holiday wishes!

Rob Cahill
EVP Innovations & Client Experience at FranklinCovey; Founder/CEO at Jhana

About the Author

Rob Cahill

Rob Cahill serves as EVP, Product Development and Client Experience. In this role, Rob leads FranklinCovey’s efforts to develop amazing products and enable our clients to change behaviors and improve results. Rob was previously co-founder and CEO at Jhana, the Wikipedia for Managers.

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