Jhana: Bite-Size Training & Learning

World-class bite-sized training for people leaders

When people leaders succeed, the benefits ripple across your entire company. The result? A more engaged, more productive, and more successful workforce. Jhana combines rigorous original research with a bite-sized training approach that’s designed specifically for the busy modern learner. We help HR and L&D organizations, not to mention tens of thousands of people leaders, in 25 countries and counting.

With innovative global companies like Glassdoor, Informatica, and Etsy trusting us to develop effective people leaders, we’d like to think we’re doing something right.

The best bite-sized learning content for people leaders anywhere

We focus on what people leaders need and want, not what’s trendy. That’s why we provide bite-sized learning and bite-sized training. Guided by our team of in-house professional researchers, we hone in on the content and learning approaches that are most helpful to people leaders and invest an average of 700 hours to develop each and every topic (we’re at 28 so far and counting).

We follow an extremely rigorous research methodology to unearth insights that no Google search will reveal. We start with proven research from top leadership and management scholars – some of our favorite sources include Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, and Wharton. Then we combine it with interviews from our own expert panel of L&D leaders and experienced people leaders, and finally distill the findings into actionable articles, videos, and worksheets that learners can use when and where they need it.

A seamless fit with your existing HR programs

We know that success looks different for every company. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with existing processes and programs to make Jhana succeed at your company. From engagement surveys to performance reviews, succession planning to leadership development, we work to make you successful at every step of the way. Jhana can support and reinforce initiatives like:

  • New manager training
  • Leadership development
  • Employee engagement
  • Retention
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • Onboarding
  • Managing remote teams
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