Jhana Gets an Upgrade

We are excited to announce a new user interface for Jhana, FranklinCovey’s performance support tool for manager and individual contributor effectiveness. The new design makes several important changes to provide an improved, more engaging experience for your learners.

Click here to view a quick demo by Jhana director Loren Mooney of the updated interface.
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Within the new interface you will find:

Updated Menus

  • The central navigation menu transparently lists Jhana topics by category (Managing Your Team, Managing Yourself, Working With Others, Communication). In our three rounds of user testing, this new menu drew new and existing users’ attention, motivating them to click on a topic relevant to them.
  • The top navigation menu steers users to what’s New, our FranklinCovey support Tracks, the HR Center, and More — including Tools, Video Discussion Activities, and other resources.
  • We have added an AI translation app so that users can view the site in 10 languages (English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish).
    Note: Does not include Jhana emails, video captions, or self-assessments.


Topic Page Design

  • Each topic page now includes all of our resources (articles, tips, videos, tools, self-assessments) in a format that testers say is scannable, visually organized, and enticing with images and descriptions.
  • In addition to the fundamentals of each topic (Learn the Essentials and Solve Common problems), we elevated and highlighted “Quick Tips” — our weekly tips from the Jhana newsletter — and “More Practical Advice” from the newsletter.
  • We have also elevated and enriched the following important topics from the Sandbox to become main topics. (While our existing HR users valued the Sandbox, it was hidden at the bottom of the page, making it difficult to find and later recall where to find it.)
    • Accountability
    • Assessing Your Team
    • Innovation & Creativity
    • Team Culture
    • Developing Your Leadership Style
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Global Collaboration
    • Project Management
    • Trust
    • Listening 


New Article Page design

  • Topic sidebar helps users understand where they are in the Jhana ecosystem and easily explore related resources.
  • Each page offers up additional options for easy browsing, including a self-assessment and resources from this week’s newsletter.


You will see the user interface updates on the afternoon of February 18, 2021. Please reach out to All Access Care at allaccesscare@franklincovey.com with questions.  
If you haven’t yet given your learners access to Jhana bite-sized support for people leaders, then now is a great time. Please speak with your Client Partner or Implementation Specialist to get started.

About the Author

Loren Mooney

Loren Mooney is the managing director of Jhana, FranklinCovey's performance support tool to help managers and individual contributors become more effective at work. She has more than two decades of experience in senior editorial positions at publications including Reader's Digest, Bicycling, and Sunset Magazine and has served as a consulting editor for Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Loren loves to lead teams to do really hard things they haven't done before.

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