Learning Leaders: If You Build It…Should You?

Remember the famous line from the 1989 movie hit, Field of Dreams? There’s a mysterious voice that whispers to Ray Kinsella, “if you build it, he will come.” The Iowa farmer is compelled to action and builds a baseball diamond in his cornfield. Miraculously, the ghosts of Shoeless Joe Jackson and other baseball greats begin to appear.

As our workplaces and needs continue to evolve, learning leaders across the globe have been meeting with senior leadership to understand business priorities and align their leader development programs accordingly. We get excited as we begin to brainstorm the possibilities. If we build it – research and write the curriculum, produce videos, develop participant materials, and design the live-online classroom – they will surely come. And, we will surely be tired.

Before you contemplate starting from scratch, consider connecting with your Client Partner and Implementation Specialist to discuss how resources in the FranklinCovey All Access Pass may be just what you need to overhaul your programs or simply refresh your content and delivery. You will offer it, they will come.

Proven Leadership Development Solutions

FranklinCovey has invested over $200 million in the research and development of our solutions, and we continue to invest heavily in updating and adding new content for passholders each year. The practices and principles in our solutions have been tested and utilized across the globe and in multiple different sectors. 

The quality and depth of the All Access Pass library and support from an Implementation Specialist saves clients hours of content research and curation and ensures continuity and reinforcement of concepts and terminology at multiple levels of an organization.

Note: In August 2020, we launched our new Multipliers solution, based on the work of best-selling author, Liz Wiseman. It may be a great addition for your leaders at any level. If you’re not familiar with this program, you can learn more here and review the content in your All Access Pass portal.

World-Class Delivery

FranklinCovey passholders are well-equipped to facilitate and successfully engage their learners with professional instructional design and multiple different modalities. 

Clients do not often have the budget or time to design equally robust facilitation guides, high-production-value videos, session decks and participant materials, or sophisticated virtual classrooms for engaging live-online sessions.

Note: It is possible for clients to purchase the sources files for our solution guides, videos, decks and tools to incorporate your proprietary content and meet additional needs with their passholders. 


Learners need ongoing reinforcement, sustainment learning, and on-the-job tools to apply their learnings. Without these resources, learning can be isolated to one-off events, where the likelihood of behavior change is diminished. With ongoing advice from an Implementation Specialist, our clients leverage hundreds of e-learning assets and thousands of Jhana microlearning resources with passholders to create continuous learning embedded in the flow of work.  

For many clients, this collaboration and blended learning approach engages learners at higher levels and ultimately realizes greater return on investment.


About the Author

Phoebe McKinney

Phoebe McKinney has 20+ years of nonprofit management experience with expertise in strategic planning, leadership development, and learning program design and facilitation. In her work with global charities, she traveled extensively throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific to offer strategic consultation on organizational development and provide training for board members, staff, and volunteers. Phoebe joined FranklinCovey in 2019 as an Implementation Specialist. She works with learning leaders from every sector to develop and help support implementation of high-impact learning experiences that leverage All Access Pass solutions.

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