Victoria Roos Olsson

Victoris Roos Olsson is a senior leadership consultant for FranklinCovey. She is an expert in leadership development and has trained and coached leaders around the world for more than twenty years. Originally from Sweden, Victoria has led learning and development for large organizations across Europe and the Middle East. Married with two daughters, she balances her corporate life with being a yoga instructor and a running coach.

  • Manage The Chaos Of Adopting Change

    Manage The Chaos Of Adopting Change

    Change brings about chaos. It disrupts the status quo before people begin to adopt and adapt to it. Victoria Roos Olsson shares two tactics to help leaders manage the chaos of adopting change.

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  • Work-Life Blend

    Work-Life Blend

    The term “work-life balance” is so 2010. Work-life blend is having flexible work hours, a clear line between what is work and what is not work and it’s your responsibility to blend the two.

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  • 6 Ingredients For A Great Life

    6 Ingredients For A Great Life

    It’s really important that you challenge yourself to put time into the things that you really do love. Don’t let it be a coincidence what ends up in your recipe for a great life.

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