Breaking Down Barriers to Communication With Trust

Be a Better Leader | Season 7, Episode 1

Uncover the keys to fostering trust and effective communication. Join FranklinCovey’s Dr. AJ Lee, manager of customer success, and Doug Faber, the global practice leader for the Speed of Trust®, as they delve into the crucial connection between trust and communication in leadership. Learn how to ensure your actions align with your intent, create environments for open, trust-based communication, and master the art of empathetic listening.

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Most of the world still operates from an outdated style of leadership. This style focuses on control, competing, and self-interest.

With how quickly the world has changed, this calls for a new style of leadership—Trust & Inspire—where leaders build trust by modeling it. Their job is to go first.

The expectations for leaders in the workforce are changing. Leadership today is much more than setting goals and dictating priorities. Your job as a leader is to connect your team to a greater sense of purpose and meaning at work.

To do this, communication is key. Leaders must communicate in ways that build trust and inspire their teams to greatness.

Download these 6 Communication Practices to Build Trust and Inspire Your Team. Then share them with leaders in your organization and encourage them to try these in their 1-on-1s.
7 Steps to Create an Environment of Trust on Your Teams
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