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  • Peak, Trough, and Recovery

    Peak, Trough, and Recovery

    Three words that recently, and very practically, changed my leadership style. I’ve known Daniel Pink for nearly 10 years and found his books to be both inspiring and pragmatic.

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  • 5 Steps to Unleash Productivity

    5 Steps to Unleash Productivity

    Each person in your organization is unique and has an irreplaceable set of gifts, talents, skills, and passions that cannot be found anywhere else.

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  • How's Your "Quality Attention"?

    How's Your "Quality Attention"?

    Does it seem like, more and more, you are so busy working to accomplishing a variety of tasks all at once that you are rarely able to dig deep

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  • Personal Energy Crisis

    Personal Energy Crisis

    How is your energy level? Do you make it through the day without nodding off to sleep or do you find that you need to use toothpicks to keep your eyelids open?

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  • Avoid the Pinball Syndrome

    Avoid the Pinball Syndrome

    When was the last time you played a pinball game—not on an app—but on one of the masterfully crafted machines of the 70s?

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