Experienced new sales hires not attaining quota? Here’s why...

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You can arm your salesforce with all the insight and tools they could ever want and need, yet experienced, previously successful, new hires can still miss their quota.

This can be caused by three things:

  1. Forgetfulness

Even your most experienced salespeople can forget what made them successful in the past when they are busy trying to learn and remember all of the new company’s offerings, products, and services. New information can overwrite previous knowledge and behaviors.

  1.  Over-eagerness

Because all of your new company information is top of mind, these experienced new hires are often eager (too eager) to share their newly acquired insights and to demonstrate expertise in front of prospects and customers. This causes customer interactions to turn into “show and tell” sessions which fail to create the value that your clients want. They simply forget the importance of their discovery skills and miss the opportunity to properly understand your clients.

  1. False Assumptions

When you hire experienced salespeople, it’s easy to fall prey to certain assumptions, the most damaging being that experienced salespeople require no reminders about what made them successful.

So how can this be avoided?

A good solution to stop experienced new hire sellers from turning back into rookies and ”spilling their candy in the lobby,” is to top off company/product/service training with solid discovery skills training - to re-balance our natural urge to advocate before we’ve done a good job of inquiry.

To learn more about discovery sales training and how to set up experienced new hires for success, register for a complimentary webcast.

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