Be a Better Leader: Set and Execute Strategic Goals

  • The Complexity Trap15:41

    The Complexity Trap

    Identifying and accomplishing your most important goals can feel impossible when it seems like you're lost in the whirlwind attending to all your other priorities.

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  • The Concept Trap14:29

    The Concept Trap

    As a strategic leader, you know your most important goals—but how do you know you’re making progress toward achieving them?

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  • The Urgency Trap14:19

    The Urgency Trap

    If you’re constantly overwhelmed by everything in the whirlwind, how can you step out of 'urgency culture' and give attention to what moves you toward your goals?

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  • The Ambiguity Trap19:43

    The Ambiguity Trap

    Keeping your goals vague and flexible may minimize risk and create safety, but this often leads to inaction. Achieving results requires clear direction, actions, and behaviors.

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  • Checking in on Your Goals14:33

    Checking in on Your Goals

    While the new year is a great time to set goals, many people fail to reach them because of this common mistake: Relying on willpower and practices rather than trusted principles.

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