C-Suite Conversations With Scott Miller

FranklinCovey's latest podcast features insightful and revealing conversations with titans of the c-suite.

  • Feeding Connection: Jason Buechel30:46

    Feeding Connection: Jason Buechel

    Success is rooted in the strength of the team. CEO Jason Buechel says this is among the reasons why Whole Foods Market is able to offer a unique shopping experience to its customers.

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  • Revolutionizing Leadership Development: Lori Mazan30:30

    Revolutionizing Leadership Development: Lori Mazan

    Join Lori Mazan for a discussion on the importance of coaching in leadership development and the need to update leadership approaches for the current work environment.

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  • People Over Products: Julie Loeger29:45

    People Over Products: Julie Loeger

    Join Julie Loeger, Chief Growth Officer of eBay, as she discusses her career journey, the mission of eBay, and the importance of economic opportunity for all.

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  • Success in Progress: Stacey Tank27:31

    Success in Progress: Stacey Tank

    Join Stacey Tank, a trailblazing female executive leader, as she discusses the challenges she has faced, the sacrifices she has made, and the importance of being open to feedback and learning.

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  • Driving Dreams and Safety: Michael Zuieback33:18

    Driving Dreams and Safety: Michael Zuieback

    Get in the driver’s seat of your career with insights from Discount Tire Executive Chairman Michael Zuieback.

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  • Building the Bank of the Future: Colin Walsh30:32

    Building the Bank of the Future: Colin Walsh

    Consistency, transparency, and genuine passion for service are the driving forces behind Colin Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Varo Bank.

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  • All About the People: Andrea Cherng29:27

    All About the People: Andrea Cherng

    Learn what it takes to leave an impactful legacy in a family-owned business from Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.’s Chief Brand Officer, Andrea Cherng.

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  • Bringing it All Together: Jennifer Colosimo41:28

    Bringing it All Together: Jennifer Colosimo

    Jennifer Colosimo and Scott Miller discuss what makes a good organization great—the ability to bring it all together and achieve results in a way that sets you up for long-term success.

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  • Beyond High Performance: Jason Jaggard41:02

    Beyond High Performance: Jason Jaggard

    Learn the secrets world-class coaches use to help the best get better with author and CEO of Novus Global, Jason Jaggard. Jason shares 10 skills he thinks all leaders should have.

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  • Moments of Great Learning: Pat Gelsinger29:47

    Moments of Great Learning: Pat Gelsinger

    Pat Gelsinger joins Scott Miller to discuss the past, present, and future state of chip manufacturing, and what it means for the US economy.

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  • Amplify Your Resilience: Dr. Taryn Stejskal47:15

    Amplify Your Resilience: Dr. Taryn Stejskal

    Join international resilience, mental health, and wellness expert Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal as she shines a light on the crucial roles challenge, change, and complexity play in resiliency.

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  • Remember Who You Are: Julie Charlestein26:37

    Remember Who You Are: Julie Charlestein

    Join CEO of Premier Dental, Julie Charlestein, for a conversation about the crucial roles that clarity, structure, and fun play in an organization.

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  • Find Your Team of A Players: Dave Liniger30:42

    Find Your Team of A Players: Dave Liniger

    Join RE/MAX chairman of the board and co-founder, Dave Liniger for a conversation about creating a team culture no one wants to leave.

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  • Do What You Love: Bob Parsons28:26

    Do What You Love: Bob Parsons

    Join the founder of GoDaddy.com, Bob Parsons, for a transparent, vulnerable conversation about what it takes to motivate and inspire others in addition to yourself.

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  • Winning Every Day: Dr. Joel Myers28:35

    Winning Every Day: Dr. Joel Myers

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  • Better Together: Christine Anderson28:50

    Better Together: Christine Anderson

    Join Blackstone’s Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Christine Anderson, as she breaks down how to communicate more effectively within your organization and in your personal life.

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  • Wisdom at Work: Chip Conley33:51

    Wisdom at Work: Chip Conley

    Garner insights that will help you identify how to add purposefulness to your life with NYT bestselling author and CEO of Modern Elder Academy Chip Conley.

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  • Unapologetically Ambitious: Shellye Archambeau34:52

    Unapologetically Ambitious: Shellye Archambeau

    Shellye Archambeau knows how to create success on her own terms, and she has made it her mission to teach others to do the same.

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  • Courage for Candor: Sally Susman22:31

    Courage for Candor: Sally Susman

    Join EVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Pfizer, Sally Susman, as she discusses the importance of intentional communication, both personally and professionally.

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  • Seeing Different Angles: Sharon Marcil29:25

    Seeing Different Angles: Sharon Marcil

    Join Boston Consulting Group’s managing director, senior partner, and North American chair, Sharon Marcil, for a conversation on the important roles mentorship and diversity play in an organization.

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