C-Suite Conversations With Scott Miller

FranklinCovey's latest podcast features insightful and revealing conversations with titans of the c-suite.

  • Lifelong Learning: Betty Vandenbosch29:31

    Lifelong Learning: Betty Vandenbosch

    Join Coursera’s Chief Content Officer, Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, as she shares insights on the future of learning development.

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  • Achieving Functional Excellence: Tony Bates36:15

    Achieving Functional Excellence: Tony Bates

    Join Chairman and CEO of Genesys, Tony Bates, as he offers insights on how empathy can be a force multiplier for any organization.

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  • Flexible Leadership: Nickle LaMoreaux36:16

    Flexible Leadership: Nickle LaMoreaux

    Join IBM’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Nickle LaMoreaux, as she discusses how experimentation, intention, and cocreation can become leadership strengths.

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  • From ‘I’ to ‘We’: Amy Shore34:45

    From ‘I’ to ‘We’: Amy Shore

    Join Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Nationwide Insurance, Amy Shore, as she reflects on the importance of having clarity of purpose as an organization.

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  • Think Outside the Box: Zoe Dickson29:50

    Think Outside the Box: Zoe Dickson

    Join EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of 3M, Zoe Dickson, as she discusses the vital role resilience, adaptability, and trust play in an organization’s culture where everyone belongs.

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  • Get After It: Melissa Proctor38:39

    Get After It: Melissa Proctor

    Join EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena, Melissa Proctor, as she reflects on her career journey.

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  • Ownership in a Digital World: Eric Pulier42:02

    Ownership in a Digital World: Eric Pulier

    Join CEO and Founder of Vatom, Eric Pulier as he draws from his experience as an entrepreneur and founder of more than 15 companies to demystify the ever-evolving tech industry.

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  • Human-Centric Leadership: Niklas Hedin28:18

    Human-Centric Leadership: Niklas Hedin

    Join founder and CEO of Centiro, Niklas Hedin, as he shares the impact The 7 Habits has had on what he calls a human-centric leadership style based in authenticity and transparency.

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  • Something Bigger Than Ourselves: Julie Lodge-Jarrett32:50

    Something Bigger Than Ourselves: Julie Lodge-Jarrett

    Join Senior Vice President and Chief People and Purpose Officer of DICK’s Sporting Goods, Julie Lodge-Jarrett as she discusses the incomparable value of diversity in the workplace.

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  • Selling Business: Ben Lamm29:58

    Selling Business: Ben Lamm

    Join serial technology entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Colossal Biosciences, Ben Lamm, as he discusses the most important factors to consider when selling a business.

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  • Quality Inside and Out: Abigail Pringle0:00

    Quality Inside and Out: Abigail Pringle

    Join Wendy’s President of International and Chief Development Officer, Abigail Pringle, as she reflects on the importance of high-quality standards.

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  • Best in Class: Eric Grilly0:00

    Best in Class: Eric Grilly

    Join Cirque du Soleil’s president of resident shows and affiliate shows, Eric Grilly, as he recounts how live entertainment has evolved in recent years.

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  • Pushing the Limits: Doug Renfro20:20

    Pushing the Limits: Doug Renfro

    Join the President of Renfro Foods, Doug Renfro, as he shares the crucial role innovation and creativity play in the growth and success of any organization.

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  • Preventing the Unthinkable: Julie Cordua30:02

    Preventing the Unthinkable: Julie Cordua

    Join Julie Cordua, CEO of digital child protective agency Thorn, as she shares what leaders, teachers, parents, organizations, and every one of us can do to prevent children from becoming victims.

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  • The Right Rhythm: Xavier Mufraggi25:51

    The Right Rhythm: Xavier Mufraggi

    Learn from Young Presidents’ Organization CEO, Xavier Mufraggi, as he reflects on the ways a leader is, in fact, the culture of an organization.

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  • Delivering New Standards: Kevin Warren34:34

    Delivering New Standards: Kevin Warren

    Join UPS’ Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin, Warren, as he shares his highly developed perspective on data-centric business and non-traditional engagement channels.

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  • No Wrong Turns: Debby Soo35:40

    No Wrong Turns: Debby Soo

    Join the CEO of OpenTable, Debby Soo, as she discusses how building a culture of high trust creates an imperative psychological level of safety that allows people to make mistakes and take risks.

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  • Why Sports Matter: Ameeth Sankaran34:05

    Why Sports Matter: Ameeth Sankaran

    Take time to learn why sports matter to everyone of all ages with Religion of Sports CEO Ameeth Sankaran, who outlines the common thread in greatness whether it be in sports or in our personal lives.

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  • Making a Difference in the Moment: Martine Ferland36:38

    Making a Difference in the Moment: Martine Ferland

    Join Martine Ferland as she reflects on what she’s learned about being agile and navigating change since taking on her current role as the President and CEO of Mercer in 2019.

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  • Success is Never Final: Tony Capuano23:49

    Success is Never Final: Tony Capuano

    Join the CEO of Marriott International as he outlines the roles that transparent communication, deliberate and engaged listening, and intellectual curiosity play in the success of an organization.

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