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  • Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission1:38

    Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission

    Align your systems so that they support your mission. Systems are there for a reason, they are designed by well-intended people to make things easier.

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  • Deliver Results1:27

    Deliver Results

    Don’t confuse activity with productivity. Scott Miller shares some insights to help you discern whether you are delivering the right results.

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  • Get Better1:39

    Get Better

    When you set out to Get Better, you embark on a life-long journey of discovery and growth, you don’t limit yourself to what is, but you constantly seek out what can be.

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  • Celebrate Wins1:34

    Celebrate Wins

    People want to win. When you or your team achieve success, celebrate it. Discern between what should be celebrated and what should be expected.

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  • Create Vision1:22

    Create Vision

    Deliberately take time to create a vision for your life, both personally and professionally. Scott Miller shares the important role that vision plays in achieving goals.

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  • Make High-Value Decisions1:16

    Make High-Value Decisions

    Be more deliberate about the decisions you make. Make sure, as a leader, you differentiate between low-value and high-value decisions regularly.

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  • Lead Through Change1:23

    Lead Through Change

    There are three constants in life: principles, choice, and change. If you want to have more leadership successes, be prepared to lead through change.

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  • Protect Your Team Against Urgencies2:01

    Protect Your Team Against Urgencies

    In most cultures, leaders tend to reward people who save the day, and who thrive on urgencies. Scott Miller shares some tips on how to combat the culture of urgency by focusing on the important.

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  • Think Abundantly1:48

    Think Abundantly

    Think Abundantly and turn your management mess into a leadership success. Scott Miller shares how an abundance mentality helps grow trust, respect, and influence.

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  • Hold Regular 1-on-1s2:12

    Hold Regular 1-on-1s

    Scott Miller shares some tips on how to how regular and effective 1-on-1s so you can surface issues, and develop your direct reports into the people they want to become.

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  • Identify The Wildly Important Goals1:48

    Identify The Wildly Important Goals

    What are your wildly important goals? What must happen in your personal or professional life? When you identify what is wildly important, you can take steps to achieve it.

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  • Talk Straight2:55

    Talk Straight

    Become a trusted leader and person. Talk straight and avoid spinning the truth, or avoiding issues. Scott Miller explains how talking straight is a critical leadership competency.

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  • Show Loyalty2:22

    Show Loyalty

    Scott Miller shares a story to illustrate the importance of showing loyalty as a leader.

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  • Make Time For Relationships1:34

    Make Time For Relationships

    Your job is not your life! Make time for relationships and more than your leadership legacy will benefit from it.

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  • Align Actions With The Wildly Important Goals1:31

    Align Actions With The Wildly Important Goals

    Leaders must set vision and strategy and determine what people must do differently to execute on that vision and strategy. Scott Miller shares some insights on how to guide your people effectively.

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  • Right Wrongs1:19

    Right Wrongs

    Righting wrongs is fundamental to being an influential leader. Scott Millers explains how leaders can right wrongs to earn trust, drive engagement, and become the leader people choose to follow.

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  • Make It Safe To Tell The Truth1:30

    Make It Safe To Tell The Truth

    Self-awareness is a critical trait for anyone who wants to be an effective leader. Raise your self-awareness by getting trusted feedback from people.

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  • Balance Courage And Consideration1:43

    Balance Courage And Consideration

    Scott Miller speaks candidly about his own personal management mess moments and how balancing courage and consideration is an ongoing challenge that he faces.

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  • Coach Continuously1:13

    Coach Continuously

    Leadership really boils down to your abilities as a coach. If you want to help your people, you need to be deliberate and thoughtful of your role as a leader and coach.

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  • Place The Right People In The Right Roles1:35

    Place The Right People In The Right Roles

    'Fit' or 'cultural fit' is the responsibility of leaders. Scott Miller shares how leaders can align their employee's passions and goals with their roles.

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