5 Steps To Avoid Burnout

January 17, 2019 Kory Kogon


Here’s some advice to stay sane in today’s rapid work environment:

  1. Be ruthless about your schedule. Keep a log for a week to identify where you actually spend your time. If you’re answering pointless emails or constantly checking social media posts, try logging on only during specific times each day. If you’re attending unproductive meetings, ask for an agenda beforehand to see if you’re needed. If not, ask for permission to be excused.
  2. Identify your most important tasks each morning, then do them first.
  3. Don’t store to-do items in your head. Write everything down.
  4. Ask your manager to help you prioritize your workload. 
  5. Be honest about your capacity. Don’t push yourself to taking more than you can handle.

As a leader, it’s easy to ignore yourself to focus on others. If you neglect self-care, you might get results in the short-run, but you’ll sacrifice quality (and your well-being) in the long-run.

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Kory Kogon

Kory Kogon is FranklinCovey's Vice President of Field Development. Kory's focus is to help strengthen the capacity of the field teams to be highly consultative, while driving revenue and renewal within FranklinCovey's new and exciting subscription model, the All Access Pass. Kory is also one of the authors of the Wall Street Journal bestseller "The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity", in addition to "Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager" and "Presentation Advantage". She has over 25 years of business expertise from front line positions to an executive team member. Prior to FranklinCovey, Kory spent six years as the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations for AlphaGraphics, Inc.

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