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January 28, 2019 FranklinCovey Content Team


Are you consistently assessing your relevance and advancing your skills and capabilities?
This challenge isn’t about making incremental improvements in your professional development, relevance, or competencies. It’s about not just doubling down but quadrupling down in order to stand out and write your future. Doing so requires knowing the difference between, in the words of marketing authority Seth Godin, being reckless and being fearless. Being reckless means taking actions that could irreparably injure your brand, reputation, or even the self-esteem or feelings of another person. Being fearless, however, is taking thoughtful risks where the payoff can be enormous, but the downside (failure) is manageable and likely only impacts you.
The best tactical advice for getting better comes from The Speed of Trust:
  • Commit to continuous improvement. 
  • Increase your capabilities. 
  • Be a constant learner. 
  • Develop feedback systems. 
  • Act upon the feedback you receive.


  • Assign each of the thirty challenges a day on your calendar. Prioritize them according to where you feel, or others have indicated, you could benefit most.
  • Identify those challenges where your confidence is high and congratulate yourself. Be proud of it! Ask yourself: “As a current strength, could some refinement even make it my ‘killer app’?”

To learn more about this tip, watch this short video from Scott Miller, author of Management Mess to Leadership Success.


Go from a management mess to a leadership success. Join Scott Miller for a live webcast and learn more about the 30 challenges that all leaders face. 


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