Presenting Under Pressure

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Giving a presentation can be one of the most nerve wracking experiences. The best way to keep cool under the stage lights is to be proactive.

Practice your presentation repeatedly. Give it in front of friends or in front of the mirror. Recite it in the shower or while you're driving. When you know your presentation front and back, your nerves will be lightened and you will be prepared to present no matter what happens. The slide deck doesn't work? No problem, you've got it memorized. The audience has questions? No problem, you've anticipated them. Your afraid of speaking in front of a large group? Don't sweat, you're an expert, you know your topic and it will show. 

Don't let 1-on-1s slip into the ineffective and monotonous territory of simple status reports and progress checks. Get 100+ questions to improve your 1-on-1s and use them to engage your people, uncover issues, and unleash potential. 


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