First-Level Leadership Tips

FranklinCovey First-Level Leadership Tips are designed to help new and existing leaders to succeed in their roles. This bite-sized content is ideal for leaders who don't have the time for long-form content, but who still want to develop their skills and improve.

  • Work/Life Balance for Leaders

    Work/Life Balance for Leaders

    When you work hard to build your career, work/life balance can feel impossible. Learn how to create balance with this tip.

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  • Rescue Your Inbox

    Rescue Your Inbox

    Don’t be buried alive by a backlog of email. Learn how to rescue your inbox with this helpful tip.

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  • Avoid Burnout

    Avoid Burnout

    It’s easy to ignore yourself to focus on others. Avoid burnout to keep yourself mentally sharp and physically healthy.

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  • Filtering Projects

    Filtering Projects

    If your team is overwhelmed, it's time to take action. Learn to effectively filter projects with this tip.

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  • Lead Through Change

    Lead Through Change

    Change is the new normal. By the time you adjust to a change, another one is coming down the pipe. Learn how to effectively lead through change with this tip.

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  • Sit Back and Listen

    Sit Back and Listen

    One of the most common 1-on-1 mistakes leaders make is talking more than their direct report. Here is a tip on effectively running a 1-on-1.

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  • The Best Time for Feedback

    The Best Time for Feedback

    Feedback is an essential element of effective coaching and a major tool when it comes to developing your team. Learn to discern when it’s needed and when you should reserve comment.

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  • Giving Difficult Feedback

    Giving Difficult Feedback

    Giving difficult feedback is a critical leadership competency and is essential to effective coaching. Learn how with this helpful FranklinCovey tip.

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  • Give Feedback

    Give Feedback

    When you notice a behavior that needs to be addressed, don't wait. Here is a tip on giving feedback.

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  • Be Accountable

    Be Accountable

    A common challenge for leaders is to get their teams to take ownership for the goals they have set. Learn how taking accountability can strengthen your leadership.

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  • Set Realistic Goals

    Set Realistic Goals

    There is no point in leading if you don't know where you're going or why your doing what you do. Use this FranklinCovey leadership tip to effectively set realistic goals.

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  • Delegate


    Don’t burn out trying to fix things that come back wrong after you've delegated them. Use this FranklinCovey leadership tip to effectively delegate your next task.

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  • Encourage


    Start influencing behavior change in the people around you. Use this FranklinCovey leadership tip to start giving reinforcing feedback.

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  • Never Cancel 1-on-1s

    Never Cancel 1-on-1s

    Don't leave performance untapped, or employees disengaged. Use this leadership tip and keep 1-on-1s sacred.

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  • Have 1-on-1s

    Have 1-on-1s

    1-on-1s are key to building high engagement and maintaining accountability. Use this tip to start holding effective 1-on-1s immediately.

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  • Building Trust

    Building Trust

    Building trust with the people you work with can seem like a daunting task especially if they work remotely. Use this tip to connect with your direct reports and to unleash their potential.

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  • Proud to be Promoted

    Proud to be Promoted

    It’s not uncommon for a new leader to become the target of resentment as they leave the ranks of the team to become the leader of the team. Use this tip to handle being the target of redentment.

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  • A Whole New Ballgame

    A Whole New Ballgame

    Being promoted to a leadership position can be a difficult transition. Use this FranklinCovey leadership tip to start delivering results with, and through, others.

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  • Slow Down

    Slow Down

    Remove barriers that limit productivity by enacting this leadership tip in your interactions with people.

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  • Avoid Interruptions

    Avoid Interruptions

    Increase your productivity as a leader with this tip to limit the impact of interruptions.

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