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  • Here's Some Encouragement

    Here's Some Encouragement

    Could you use some Jack Canfield Chicken Soup for the Pandemic-Fatigued Soul? Scott Miller shares some encouragement in the face of so much uncertainty.

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  • Are You Abundant?

    Are You Abundant?

    Are you abundant? At first blush, I bet every one of us would automatically answer yes. But then, we aren’t the one who gets to decide. It’s everyone else who gets to make that judgment.

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  • Share the Stage

    Share the Stage

    When you've got the stage, how will you choose to use it? Will you bask in the spotlight, or will you let it shine on others?

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  • The Cultural Cancer of Stereotypes

    The Cultural Cancer of Stereotypes

    We make generalizations for many reasons, and they’re usually reliable mental shortcuts for us. But everyone’s got an individual story, and if you care enough, you’ll learn it.

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  • The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias

    The Leader's Guide to Unconscious Bias

    Written in an approachable and practical style, The Leader’s Guide to Unconscious Bias gives readers the tools to reframe bias, cultivate connection, and create high-performing teams at work.

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  • Trust. Credibility. Access.

    Trust. Credibility. Access.

    David Rubenstein's combination of trustworthiness and credibility provides him unrivaled access to remarkable leaders, thinkers, and personalities who become unusually vulnerable in his interviews.

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  • Vulnerability in Action

    Vulnerability in Action

    Authentic leadership is a hot topic and phrase these days. Scott Miller shares five ways leaders can show vulnerability, earn loyalty, and engage their people.

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  • 6 Questions to Unlock a Coaching Mindset

    6 Questions to Unlock a Coaching Mindset

    Is your mindset where it needs to be to move into a coaching and mentoring role? Here are six questions to ask yourself to unlock a coaching state of mind.

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  • Tell Me About That

    Tell Me About That

    Anne Chow is the CEO of AT&T Business, and soon to be a bestselling author. Her book, Unconscious Bias: How To Reframe Bias, Cultivate Connection, and Create High-Performing Teams hits stores on 11/10

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  • Why Leadership Training Matters

    Why Leadership Training Matters

    At FranklinCovey, we’ve learned that the very best leaders bring both great character and competence to their leadership style.

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  • Do Something Different

    Do Something Different

    Laird Hamilton's disruption permeates his life. He isn’t living for anyone's approval. Model his courage and innovation in your own life and do something different for a change.

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  • Expect the Unexpected

    Expect the Unexpected

    We all create expectations in our minds and then we make plans and progress accordingly. Going forward, don’t expect anything to be as you thought.

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  • Pick Your Battles

    Pick Your Battles

    A premise of Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck is that we each have a certain amount of “F’s” we can give. Each day. Each week. Each lifetime. Pick your battles and make them count.

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  • 9 Accidental Diminisher Tendencies

    9 Accidental Diminisher Tendencies

    Here’s a quick overview of the 9 Accidental Diminisher tendencies and 9 FranklinCovey leaders working on their own self-awareness to become better Multipliers.

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  • Are You Measuring Yourself Against Your Own Standards?

    Are You Measuring Yourself Against Your Own Standards?

    How much of your life has been lived accidentally, against the needs and standards of others, and how much has been lived deliberately, against your own standards?

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  • Why Productivity Matters

    Why Productivity Matters

    The mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of the Productivity Suite work together, enabling knowledge workers and leaders to perform at their peak every day.

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  • The Time To Plant

    The Time To Plant

    For those of us still very much in the professional game but not technically “crushing it,” here’s a thought: there’s a time to plant, and there’s a time to harvest.

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  • Seeing the Greatness in Front of Us

    Seeing the Greatness in Front of Us

    One of a leader’s most critical and essential roles is that of developing other leaders. Shawn Moon shares insights around seeing the greatness in others that they may not even see in themselves.

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  • Culture and Employee Retention

    Culture and Employee Retention

    If you want to lengthen the tenure of your team, you must challenge your mindset of what’s necessary to build a 2021 culture. Here are some questions to ask yourself to gauge your readiness.

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  • Success is Built on 'Yes' and Sustained With 'No'

    Success is Built on 'Yes' and Sustained With 'No'

    Success begets more distraction. The opportunities to say yes increase as your influence grows. But success can also beget discipline and focus if you learn to say no.

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