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  • Like it or Not - You Have a Brand

    Like it or Not - You Have a Brand

    Your shoes may be shined and your manicure perfect, but if you don’t deliver on your commitments and gossip about others, that quickly becomes the brand that’s remembered.

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  • 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities - are you focusing on the right ones?

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  • Timeless Principles

    Timeless Principles

    Principles constantly govern our lives and relationships. Scott Miller shares a few for you to consider as you look at how your organization connects with current and future clients.

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  • Social Smoke and Mirrors

    Social Smoke and Mirrors

    “How much of what I do, say, and buy is based on what others will think of me?” Scott Miller gets vulnerable about keeping up with the Joneses and what we can do to counteract the social mirror.

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  • Long-Term Thinking

    Long-Term Thinking

    Leaders and organizations can learn from Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin's ability to set a long-term vision that challenges conventional wisdom, current science, and even human capability.

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  • Stability and Security

    Stability and Security

    Inspired by The Dad Advice Project, Scott Miller shares a parenting tip around the power of physical touch that he learned the hard way.

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  • Time To Go

    Time To Go

    Are you choosing to sit in the suffering you know versus the challenge you need? Scott Miller shares some insights to help you connect to your purpose and impact, use your potential, and pivot.

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  • Being Open

    Being Open

    Being open to new ideas, hobbies, and adventures will help you learn, challenge yourself, and grow.

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  • This Is What You'll Be Remembered For

    This Is What You'll Be Remembered For

    Twenty years ago, I was promoted into a significant leadership leap in my career. And I received some of the best advice in my life from my first leader at FranklinCovey.

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  • Champion Yourself

    Champion Yourself

    Become more deliberate about the words you choose, especially when talking about yourself. Talking negatively about others is gossip and toxic, talking negatively about yourself is even worse.

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  • Assume Good Intent

    Assume Good Intent

    Be a bit more patient with letting people find their ways, stumble a bit longer before you kick them to the curb. Or better yet, reach out earlier and actually coach them.

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  • The Power of Being Persuadable

    The Power of Being Persuadable

    Leaders responsible for building organizational cultures must lead with a clear vision and strategy while simultaneously reflecting an openness for changing course as needed.

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  • How's Your Leadership Intuition?

    How's Your Leadership Intuition?

    Can you sense when something deeper is happening under the surface? If you want to build your intuition as a leader, it’s a muscle like any other—you must consciously build it.

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  • Smarts, Determination, and Success

    Smarts, Determination, and Success

    For many of us, the success of thought leaders or celebrities is unrelatable. We want it in our lives but don’t think we’re smart enough to achieve it.

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  • 6 Principles to Engage and Lead Leaders

    6 Principles to Engage and Lead Leaders

    Leading leaders is arguably the most demanding role in any organization. One that can sink you or elevate you, depending on how well you practice many of these principles.

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  • The Power of Pre-Forgiveness

    The Power of Pre-Forgiveness

    Pre-forgiveness is a simple but profound leadership concept. Try it with your team today and see how quickly trust grows.

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  • Experience and Interpersonal Skills

    Experience and Interpersonal Skills

    Maintain value for your own experiences and resist making them the lens you always look through when hiring and promoting your associates.

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  • A Simple Formula For Success

    A Simple Formula For Success

    After having interviewed nearly 150 influencers for the FranklinCovey On Leadership podcast series, Scott Miller shares two traits common to every successful guest.

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  • Working Smarter and Not Harder

    Working Smarter and Not Harder

    As you determine what you want in life and prioritize your efforts around it, ask yourself these revealing questions.

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  • Be A Transition Figure

    Be A Transition Figure

    It’s time to offer someone the benefit of your successes and failures. You don’t need to be a celebrity or CEO to share your learnings with someone traveling the same path you did.

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  • Assess Your Communication Style

    Assess Your Communication Style

    Use humor as a means to build trust and nurture an inclusive culture. Improve your ability to communicate effectively with these four tips.

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