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  • Recognize Your Power to Choose

    Recognize Your Power to Choose

    If you’re “in it” for the long game, which we all need to be in our careers, businesses, and relationships, then you might want to revisit your decision-making criteria for your choices.

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  • 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities - are you focusing on the right ones?

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  • My Favorite Books

    My Favorite Books

    After reading more than 1,500 leadership books, several have become my favorites. What they all have in common is their applicability, at least to me in my life at the time of reading them.

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  • Managing Risk

    Managing Risk

    Managing risk often requires us to be futurists but, how much of the risk in our lives are we focused on avoiding when that time might be better invested elsewhere?

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  • No Involvement, No Commitment

    No Involvement, No Commitment

    “No involvement, no commitment” is one of the many wise adages left with us as part of Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s legacy. This short phrase should serve as a metaphorical Jiminy Cricket to every leader.

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  • The People Business

    The People Business

    Every company is in the same business, the people business. What are you doing to ensure all of your systems, processes, strategies, and ongoing focus is about an obsession with people?

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  • Principles of Successful Networking

    Principles of Successful Networking

    We all need to network to fulfill our dreams. To turn nothing into something and to help others do the same.

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  • Discover Your Professional Purpose

    Discover Your Professional Purpose

    Are you an originator, aggregator, or pollinator? It's never too late to discover your purpose.

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  • Are You Honest?

    Are You Honest?

    These seven practices can transform your brand and level of trustworthiness with others in quick order. Commit to one a day for the next week and see what happens to your relationships.

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  • The Compounding Effect of Micro-Actions

    The Compounding Effect of Micro-Actions

    Build momentum to achieve your goals with these tiny and easy-to-implement actions.

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  • Broaden Your Bubble

    Broaden Your Bubble

    Do your friends challenge your thinking and expand your point of view? Reflect on the company you keep and discover your blind spots.

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  • Examine Your Communication Style

    Examine Your Communication Style

    Did you learn your communication style, stumble on it by default, or consciously cultivate it as you progressed in your career? Are there styles that differ from yours, but may be just as effective?

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  • Choose Your Words Carefully

    Choose Your Words Carefully

    As you inventory the arrows you have in your proverbial leadership quiver, your words are the most powerful.

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  • The Line Between Helping and Hurting

    The Line Between Helping and Hurting

    We could all do more for our teams (and our children), but the question is should we?

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  • Like it or Not - You Have a Brand

    Like it or Not - You Have a Brand

    Your shoes may be shined and your manicure perfect, but if you don’t deliver on your commitments and gossip about others, that quickly becomes the brand that’s remembered.

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  • Timeless Principles

    Timeless Principles

    Principles constantly govern our lives and relationships. Scott Miller shares a few for you to consider as you look at how your organization connects with current and future clients.

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  • Social Smoke and Mirrors

    Social Smoke and Mirrors

    “How much of what I do, say, and buy is based on what others will think of me?” Scott Miller gets vulnerable about keeping up with the Joneses and what we can do to counteract the social mirror.

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  • Long-Term Thinking

    Long-Term Thinking

    Leaders and organizations can learn from Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin's ability to set a long-term vision that challenges conventional wisdom, current science, and even human capability.

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  • Stability and Security

    Stability and Security

    Inspired by The Dad Advice Project, Scott Miller shares a parenting tip around the power of physical touch that he learned the hard way.

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  • Time To Go

    Time To Go

    Are you choosing to sit in the suffering you know versus the challenge you need? Scott Miller shares some insights to help you connect to your purpose and impact, use your potential, and pivot.

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  • Being Open

    Being Open

    Being open to new ideas, hobbies, and adventures will help you learn, challenge yourself, and grow.

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