3 Ways to Drive Lasting Leadership Development

To develop leaders with the character and mindset to succeed, as well as the skills needed to navigate challenging times, learning and development (L&D) teams need to invest in solutions that drive behavior change. But what kind of programs actually lead to your team acting differently in ways that make a lasting impact?

L&D programs that drive behavior change typically involve more than a single solution. It’s about more than just providing great training content, or regular one-on-ones with an executive coach, or a slick platform that serves up customized experiences for a wide range of learners. It's a combination of all three of these things—content, people, and technology—that takes your people from conceptual engagement with new topics to changing the way they think and act. These multi-pronged programs are what ultimately deliver exceptional results for your organization.

Choose Leadership Development Solutions with Enduring Results

To make change that lasts, leaders need a new paradigm. This requires a critical evaluation of where leaders have been, where they're going, and what structures are necessary to align their behaviors with intentions. If you want to develop leaders that can put this kind of self-learning to the test, you need solutions that facilitate long-term growth—and single solutions aren’t enough. It takes content, people, and technology for your leadership programs to drive lasting impact.

1. Content

As your organization fosters great leaders, you need the support of content that's deep, principle-based, and tested. While tactical, skills-focused content can serve immediate professional development needs, powerful, principle-based content can help your leaders learn more effective ways of working, leading, and collaborating that will take your organization to the next level. 

As you roll out L&D programs to meet both collective and individual needs, it’s important to assemble the right mix of content on the right topics to help your people grow. Curated, relevant courses and assessments help you build continuous capacity in your people and allow them and your organization to feel confident in achieving their most important goals.

2. People

Content alone isn’t enough to drive lasting change. You need facilitators and coaches to actively engage your people with key concepts, helping them build new skills and put what they’ve learned into practice on an ongoing basis. This requires a team of experts to design and deliver the ideal solution for your organization, guaranteeing the kind of tailored experience that will achieve your desired results.

An effective leadership development program is supported by people who take content to the next level. Solutions consultants can help your internal team with program design and implementation when rolling out new offerings. Trainers can conduct live courses with teams, whether in person or online. And coaches can work with individual leaders or groups to provide ongoing accountability and reinforcement as they build new skillsets and mindsets. This level of expert-powered support can give you confidence that your L&D investment will make an impact at every level of your organization.

3. Technology

Technology is an integral part of any leadership development program. But organizations today need more than a delivery vehicle for online courses. Your organization needs supportive technology that not only provides access to content but also tracks progress and sustains engagement to ensure lasting behavior change.

A great technology solution doesn't just deliver content at scale to individuals and teams. It bolsters learners at each part of their journey. It provides actionable exercises, reinforcement touchpoints, and real-world application opportunities. It benchmarks people against their own performance and the performance of a cohort of learners. And it shares progress with L&D teams and people managers along the way. This kind of technology not only delivers educational content, it also ensures that people invest the necessary time and effort into learning new ideas, reflecting on areas for growth, and applying new skills in their everyday work.

Create Engaging Programs that Guide Through Behavior Change

Lasting behavior change occurs from the inside out—changes that start with who people are and how they see things. Successful leadership development programs use content, people, and technology to guide people through an internal transformation that empowers them to change the way they engage and lead others. Intentionally incorporating all three of these elements into leadership development programs will drive the best results for learners and the most value for your organization.

Learn more about the key L&D program components that create behavior change—and how the FranklinCovey Impact Platform supports these critical components through a unique combination of content, people, and technology.

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