Focus Traps


The quickest way to kill execution: lose focus or over-goal your team or your organization.

Unfortunately, there are two focus traps that most creative and ambitious leaders fall for.

The first one is saying yes to all of the good ideas because there are always more good ideas than there is capacity to execute.

The second one and maybe even more seductive is turning everything in the whirlwind into a goal. Every life-support metric, every key operational indicator into a goal for optimization.

Remember, just because you can measure something doesn’t mean that it needs to be a goal for optimization. 

Fortunately, at FranklinCovey, we have spent years helping individuals and organizations to identify and avoid these traps. Visit the Execution Practice to learn more. 

Gain a deeper understanding of the disciplines required to achieve your most important goals in the midst of daily urgencies. Register to attend a complimentary 4 Disciplines of Execution webcast. 

About the Author

Chris McChesney

Chris McChesney is a Wall Street Journal #1 National Bestselling Author – The 4 Disciplines of Execution. In his current role of Global Practice Leader of Execution for FranklinCovey, Chris is one of the primary developers of the 4 Disciplines of Execution. For more than a decade, he has led FranklinCovey’s design and development of these principles, as well as the consulting organization that has become the fastest growing area of the company.

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