The 3 Principles Of A Loyalty Leader Mindset


Every first-level leader has to approach their role differently than they did as a team member. You may want to hold a metaphorical funeral as you transition from individual contributor to team leader. You can’t simply rely on the skills that led to your success. Your new role will require a new mindset if you want continued success.

When it comes to earning loyalty from your employees, your team members, and your customers, there are Three Core Loyalty Principles to keep in mind. Build your loyalty leader mindset on the foundation of these principles and you will move employees and customers alike from apathetic participants to active promoters.

Principle 1: Empathy 

Do two things to show empathy; make a genuine human connection, and listen to learn. Doing so will allow you to understand the person and how they are feeling. We have to first have empathy for another person if we ever expect to earn their loyalty.

Principle 2: Responsibility 

Demonstrate responsibility by taking ownership for what should be done. Do this by discovering the real job to be done and by following up. Ask thoughtful questions to discover what your colleague or customer needs you to do for them. Follow up to see if it was done correctly, and strengthen the relationship in the process.

Principle 3: Generosity

Generosity doesn’t have to cost money. Find ways to make people’s lives better. Share your insights openly. Doing so helps others learn and improve and will engender intense feelings of loyalty. Also, surprising with unexpected extras is a great way to say, “I see you, I care about you.”

While these three principles are tailored specifically for customer loyalty, they are boundless and applicable in any setting where a front-line leader is looking to earn the loyalty of their team.

Leaders, take a few minutes and reflect on how you are practicing these three loyalty principles with your team members. Have you connected with them? Are you helping them where they truly need and want help? When was the last time you surprised with an unexpected extra?

As you transition from an individual contributor to a leader of others, make a conscious effort to always model, teach and demonstrate the Three Core Loyalty Principles.

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Sandy Rogers

Sandy Rogers leads FranklinCovey’s Loyalty Practice. He was previously Senior Vice President at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. During his 14 years there, Sandy managed the turnaround of the London, England operation and led the teams that developed Enterprise’s marketing strategy and system for improving customer service across all branches. Before Enterprise, Sandy worked in marketing at Apple Computer and at P&G. He is graduate of Duke and Harvard Business School.

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