FranklinCovey Leadership Tips

FranklinCovey Leadership Tips are designed to help new and existing leaders to succeed in their roles. This bite-sized content is ideal for leaders who don't have the time for long-form content, but who still want to develop their skills and improve.

  • Deliver Results

    Deliver Results

    Are you and your team delivering activities instead of results? Are the results the right ones?

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  • Make Time for Relationships

    Make Time for Relationships

    Do you practice the principle that, with people, slow is fast and fast is slow?

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  • Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission

    Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission

    Effective leaders create systems that make it easier to achieve results. When was the last time you did a “systems check”?

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  • Make It Safe to Tell the Truth

    Make It Safe to Tell the Truth

    Are your people as forthcoming with bad news and negative feedback as they are with good news and positive feedback?

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  • Align Actions with the Wildly Important Goals

    Align Actions with the Wildly Important Goals

    Are the efforts of your team members moving your goals forward? How can you make it easier for them to do so?

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  • Show Loyalty

    Show Loyalty

    When was the last time you gossiped or disparaged someone behind their back?

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  • Talk Straight

    Talk Straight

    When was the last time you technically told the truth, but left a misleading impression?

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  • Lead Difficult Conversations

    Lead Difficult Conversations

    Have you avoided a difficult conversation and inadvertently caused the situation to worsen?

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  • Make High-Value Decisions

    Make High-Value Decisions

    Do you dedicate your time to the activities that will yield the most impactful results on the organization and your team’s mission?

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  • Celebrate Wins

    Celebrate Wins

    Do you spend as much time celebrating the achievement of goals as you do setting them?

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  • Check Your Paradigms

    Check Your Paradigms

    Our paradigms are perhaps the most powerful tools we have in how we interact with others.

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  • Listen First

    Listen First

    Listening often requires a generous gift of time and attention to forget about your own needs and focus intently on someone else’s.

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  • Listen to Understand

    Listen to Understand

    Are you listening to understand? Listen to the other person to fully understand their point of view. Step our of your story and into learner mode to enhance your understanding.

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  • Reinforce What's Important

    Reinforce What's Important

    Positive feedback is an important way to reinforce great work and build a culture where people feel respected and appreciated. Whereas Instructive feedback is essential for helping improve performance

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  • Build Other Leaders

    Build Other Leaders

    How do you build other leaders? Use this coaching framework to help team members address performance issues, solve problems, and develop career opportunities.

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  • Build Your Capabilities

    Build Your Capabilities

    Capable people and organizations inspire confidence. Capability is your capacity to achieve results and includes your talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge, and style.

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  • Improve Your Intent

    Improve Your Intent

    Intent is your fundamental motive or agenda and the behavior that follows. It can be broken down and examined in these categories.

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  • Increase Your Integrity

    Increase Your Integrity

    Integrity is deep honesty and truthfulness. It is who you really are. To have high integrity, you need to have congruence, humility, and courage.

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  • 4 Essential Roles of Leadership

    4 Essential Roles of Leadership

    There are 4 roles every leader needs to play to become truly effective.

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  • Be Curious

    Be Curious

    Asking questions is a great way to clarify confusing situations. If there are changes happening to the company or if a coworker does something that you don't understand, don't be afraid to ask why.

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