FranklinCovey Leadership Tips

FranklinCovey Leadership Tips are designed to help new and existing leaders to succeed in their roles. This bite-sized content is ideal for leaders who don't have the time for long-form content, but who still want to develop their skills and improve.

  • Identify The Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)

    Identify The Wildly Important Goals (WIGs)

    Does everyone know the team’s top two or three priorities (WIGs) and how they will align their efforts to achieve them?

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  • Create Vision

    Create Vision

    Have you articulated an inspiring vision so your people choose to volunteer their best?

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  • Make Goals Achievable

    Make Goals Achievable

    We’re not advocating goals that are easy to reach. Set a goal that challenges the team to rise to their highest level of performance but not beyond it.

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  • Align Actions with the Wildly Important Goals

    Align Actions with the Wildly Important Goals

    Are the efforts of your team members moving your goals forward? How can you make it easier for them to do so?

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  • Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission

    Ensure Your Systems Support Your Mission

    Effective leaders create systems that make it easier to achieve results. When was the last time you did a “systems check”?

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  • 8 Ways to Boost Your Team's Commitment to Goals

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  • Deliver Results

    Deliver Results

    Are you and your team delivering activities instead of results? Are the results the right ones?

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  • Hold Regular 1-on-1s

    Hold Regular 1-on-1s

    What’s preventing you from holding 1-on-1s with each of your team members?

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  • Protect Your Team Against Urgencies

    Protect Your Team Against Urgencies

    How will you find the courage to keep your team focused on what is most important, including saying no to some of your own best ideas?

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  • Coach Continuously

    Coach Continuously

    Do you see every interaction with team members as an opportunity to build confidence and develop potential?

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  • Show Loyalty

    Show Loyalty

    When was the last time you gossiped or disparaged someone behind their back?

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  • Balance Courage and Consideration

    Balance Courage and Consideration

    Do your wins come at the expense of others? Or do you allow others to win at your expense?

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  • Make High-Value Decisions

    Make High-Value Decisions

    Do you dedicate your time to the activities that will yield the most impactful results on the organization and your team’s mission?

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  • Celebrate Wins

    Celebrate Wins

    Do you spend as much time celebrating the achievement of goals as you do setting them?

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  • Check Your Paradigms

    Check Your Paradigms

    Our paradigms are perhaps the most powerful tools we have in how we interact with others.

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  • Place the Right People in the Right Roles

    Place the Right People in the Right Roles

    How many people on your team are in the right role? Do you need to make adjustments?

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  • Model Work/Life Balance

    Model Work/Life Balance

    If paparazzi had followed you last week, would they have seen a balance of activities at work and outside of work? What’s the impact?

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  • Make and Keep Commitments

    Make and Keep Commitments

    Are you damaging your credibility through too many unfulfilled commitments? Are you a serial over-committer?

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  • Listen First

    Listen First

    Listening often requires a generous gift of time and attention to forget about your own needs and focus intently on someone else’s.

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  • Demonstrate Humility

    Demonstrate Humility

    Has your lack of humility ever limited your perspective or lessened your influence as a leader? Would you even know if it had?

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  • Reinforce What's Important

    Reinforce What's Important

    Positive feedback is an important way to reinforce great work and build a culture where people feel respected and appreciated. Whereas Instructive feedback is essential for helping improve performance

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