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You can ensure strategic success by aligning the six rights-- the core systems needed to drive your strategy. The six rights are:

1. The right people

Excellent strategic execution is nothing without the right people leading the charge. The right people understand the vision of your company. They will communicate clearly with each other and maximize their strengths to achieve team goals.

2. The right structure

There is a common phrase that says "Get the right people on the bus." A lot of the time, the right people are on the bus, but they may not be in the right seats. Imagine having a talented individual on your team who isn't meeting the needs of their current position. Instead of letting them go and hiring someone new, move them to another role that better fits their strengths.

3. The right rewards

Your people must be compensated, recognized, and rewarded in the right way to help your team achieve its strategy. Or you'll run the risk of your people leaving to find a job that will compensate, recognize, or reward them for their efforts.

4. The right resources

Do you have the right tools, budget, technology, time, and other necessary resources to succeed?

5. The right decisions

There's nothing more frustrating than decisions that slow the work. If the right decisions aren't being made, what is causing that? What are some ways to correct decision making in the future? All decision-makers should have a clear understanding of the team's strategy and should be able to clearly communicate any changes or developments as they come.

6. The right processes

Team processes should be helping the strategy. Teams should reevaluate processes if they are making execution harder. Look at processes from a new perspective. Brainstorm with your team or ask for their input as processes start to change. 

Through consistent, focused discipline and alignment, you will see strategic success.

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