Improve Your Intent


Intent is your fundamental motive or agenda and the behavior that follows. It can be broken down and examined in these categories:

  • Motive: The motive that inspires the greatest trust is genuine caring - about people, your values, and the quality of what you do. 
  • Agenda: The agenda that inspires the greatest trust is seeking mutual benefit - genuinely wanting what's best for everyone involved.
  • Behavior: The behavior that best creates credibility is acting in the best interests of everyone. 

You improve your intent by:

Examining Your Motives: Ask yourself the "five whys." Once you get close to your real intent, ask yourself: "Am I motivated only by self-interest or by the interests of all?"

Choosing Abundance: Ask yourself, "Do I believe there are enough rewards, credit, recognition, and benefits for everyone's interests to be served?"

Declaring Your Intent: Choose the intent that will serve everyone best, including yourself. State it, signal it, clarify it, and discuss it--especially when your intent is unclear. Share the "why" behind the "what" wherever possible.

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