Great Life, Great Career - #19 Julie Morgenstern

February 15, 2019 Scott Miller


Great Life, Great Career hosted by Scott Miller, brings together insights, proven principles, and expert advice on aligning your passions and talents with your purpose and mission. This week, Scott talks with bestselling author Julie Morgenstern about her book Time to Parent. Scott and Julie dive into the topic of organizing our lives to be better parents. They also talk about the parenting matrix and the different perceptions children and adults have when it comes to the amount of time being spent with each other.



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Guest Bio:

Julie Morgenstern is an organizing & productivity consultant, New York Times best-selling author, and speaker. For over 30 years, Julie has been teaching people all around the world and at all stages of life how to overcome disorganization to achieve their goals. Her mission is to free each individual to make their unique contribution to the world—by helping them design their own systems for managing time and space that feel natural and are easy to maintain. This Inside Out approach to organizing everything gives readers, listeners, and clients the energy and knowledge they need to get (and stay) organized.

Episode Breakdown:

  • What’s changed in productivity
  • The parenting matrix
  • Validating our children
  • Blindspots of parenting
  • Healthy adults
  • The disconnect between parents and children

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About the Author

Scott Miller

Scott Miller is a 25-year associate of FranklinCovey and serves as Senior Advisor, Thought Leadership. Scott hosts the world’s largest and fastest-growing podcast/newsletter devoted to leadership development, On Leadership. Additionally, Scott is the author of the multi-week Amazon #1 New Releases, Master Mentors: 30 Transformative Insights From Our Greatest Minds, Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager: The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and three sons.

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