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It’s no secret that FranklinCovey has a proven track record of student success. For the past 30 years, our education-leadership programs have been valuable tools for those committed to maximizing organizational effectiveness and enabling overall greatness.

We believe education transcends the boundaries of a traditional classroom experience. With that at the forefront of our minds, we have developed a robust catalog of courses that promote lifelong learning and workplace equity for anyone seeking opportunities for personal development — students and professionals alike. 

Bridging the gap between the skills employers want and those their employees (and future candidates) actually have is crucial for both personal and career advancement. By demonstrating mastery of this essential leadership and career skills in these certificate programs, students can put themselves in an optimal position to get hired, become promoted, and thrive in any workplace. Enter LeaderU.


What is FranklinCovey’s LeaderU?

FranklinCovey’s LeaderU solution facilitates the acquisition and retention of soft skills. By prioritizing timelessness over trendiness, our student-centric courses teach Principle-Centered Leadership™ and career readiness competencies that will serve them throughout their careers and across industries. 

Each of our courses awards an industry-recognized certificate that can be awarded as a digital badge through Credly and a formal Knowledge Certificate endorsed by FranklinCovey. These credentials demonstrate students’ mastery of essential leadership and career skills, giving them a leg up when it comes to developing NACE competencies like communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and technology.

The LeaderU portal offers on-demand, turn-key courses, in-person instruction, and customizable learning modules that seamlessly integrate into existing LMS systems like Blackboard and Canvas.

Our five LeaderU certificate courses supplement existing college and university courses to ensure career readiness and overall self-betterment.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®

Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® has influenced people in all stages of their careers for 30 years now. The 7 Habits Knowledge Certificate Course presents these iconic personal development principles. If you have heard the sayings, Think Win-Win®, Put First Things First®, or Sharpen the Saw®, then you are familiar with The 7 Habits!  This program was founded on Covey’s three stages of maturity— Dependence, Independence, and Interdependence — and aims to help students build personal responsibility even before they enter the workplace.

Colleges and universities can also choose to integrate this course into their existing curricula or add it to their course list as an alternative credential. The first-year experience textbook option is also available in both digital and print editions and features bonus content, including coaching on finance management, study skills, and writing.


The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®

LeaderU’s 5 Choices course takes a deep dive into Habit 3, from The 7 Habits, Put First Things First®. It offers students insightful, neuroscience-backed advice on how to prioritize tasks in a world of distractions.

This Knowledge Certificate Course is based on the bestselling book The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity®. In the program, students will learn how to make more selective choices about where to spend their valuable time and avoid burnout.  


The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™

There are four roles that are highly predictive of workplace success: Inspire Trust, Create Vision, Execute Strategy, and Coach Potential. The LeaderU 4 Essential Roles of Leadership™ program communicates how future leaders of leaders can fulfill (and succeed in) these roles to create a shared vision across their future workplace teams. 

The course addresses career skills like providing feedback, performance management, and empowering others. Students will learn how to reflect on character and competence — the elements of credibility that will allow them to intentionally build a culture of trust and inspire leadership potential in others, as well.


Leading at the Speed of Trust®

Based on the bestselling book by Stephen M.R. Covey, The Speed of Trust® emphasizes the importance of establishing credibility with others. Personalities and performance alike are highly influenced by the trust people have in their leaders.

Students will walk away from this Knowledge Certificate Course with a recognition of the economic and social value of trust. Beyond integrity and credibility, the program coaches participants on topics like conflict and relationship management, emotional intelligence, building culture, and collaboration. Like all LeaderU courses, its content is presented through self-paced learning modules, webinars, and assignments.


Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential

FranklinCovey’s newest Knowledge Certificate Course helps students recognize the impact of bias on behaviors, decisions and performance. The Unconscious Bias: Understanding Bias to Unleash Potential™ program explores bias and creates ways to face bias with courage, ensuring everyone is respected, included, and valued.

This course is accessible live-online, in-person, and on-demand to provide students with this valuable content whenever and wherever they need it. As with all of our other programs, the course has a resource library, quizzes, and offers students the opportunity to earn a digital badge or print certificate that’s industry-recognized and able to accompany a resume or be added to a LinkedIn profile. 

LeaderU helps colleges and universities feel confident they are providing their students with the best possible resources to succeed in school and after graduation. Specifically designed to meet the needs of both employers and future employees, these courses teach soft skills that fit every setting. To view our entire LeaderU by FranklinCovey course list, visit our website.  


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