Author Interview - Andy Paul


Author Interview – Andy Paul  

This month Jeff Downs interviews Andy Paul, bestselling author of, Sell Without Selling Out: A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms. Andy provides great perspective about how listening, being engaging, and authentic will allow you to sell and establish more trust with your clients. You’ll ask yourself, are you a performer on a stage, acting and playing a certain part, or are you being you and being sincere?

Guest Bio:

Andy Paul is a leading global sales expert and has more than 180,000 people follow his daily posts on LinkedIn. He is the host of the top-rated sales podcast, Sales Enablement with Andy Paul, with more than 1050 episodes to-date and millions of downloads. Andy is the author of the recently released Amazon bestselling book Sell Without Selling Without: A Guide to Success on Your Own Terms. Prior to starting his own company in 2000, Andy had a successful sales career in tech start-ups during which he sold over $600 million dollars of complex systems and services to some of the world’s largest enterprises. 

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About the Author

Jeffery Downs

Author and thought leader in consistent growth through conscious action. Leader in designing and implementing execution systems for Fortune 500 companies and translating complex strategy into the fewest number of executable targets. Also expert in architecting systems to translate strategy to front line leaders and managers. Dynamic presenter, conscientious facilitator and intelligent consultant. Clients with whom I have worked and delivered results include Intel, Comcast, Wegmans, Cisco, Symantec, Swift Transportation, Husky Energy, Discount Tire, Johns Manville.

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