Closing: Book Excerpt

Closing - 5 Skills for Achieving Win-Win Outcomes

Transform every client interaction into a decision-making opportunity. Navigate and influence the decision- making process with more precision and success.

Create decision velocity for your clients, shortening your sales cycle. Use understanding and logic to resolve objections. Improve your Win Rate by improving outcomes for your clients.

The key to effective prospecting is in focusing your team's efforts on the leads with the highest likelihood to result in closed business. Download our Sales Prioritization Tool to help your salespeople prioritize their leads. 


About the Author

Dennis Susa

Dennis has played nearly every role in the sales/field marketing function. He has been an account representative, industry technology specialist, sales manage, sales & marketing VP, consulting services director, channel manager marketing communications manager, and even two years as an executive speechwriter. These experiences have imbued him with tremendous insight (and incredible passion) to help other companies achieve sales success. His core expertise is in building, coaching and managing of sales and marketing teams in complex selling situations – generating leads, increasing sales pipeline, supporting specialized sales efforts and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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