Obsessed with Her: Rachel Hollis

Join the bestselling author of Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis, as she shares her insight on identifying and engaging your audience, obsessing over them to serve them better, and channeling that passion to cope with failure.

Guest Bio:

I’m Rachel Hollis. I’m a proud working mama of four kids alongside my ultra hunky husband Dave. We live in Texas hill country just outside of Austin where we run The Hollis Company and try a new restaurant every week on date night.

I worship coffee like a deity, I read books like my life depends on it and think La Croix is one of the greatest inventions of the last decade.  I’m probably most well known as the author of the book Girl, Wash Your Face (which has sold about 4.5 MILLION copies in the last couple of years– bananas, I know!) But long before I wrote all my books or had one of the most successful podcasts in the world or produced massive conferences or founded my media company– I was a blogger.

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Scott Miller is a 23-year associate of FranklinCovey and serves as the executive vice president of thought leadership. Scott hosts multiple podcasts including FranklinCovey’s On Leadership and Great Life, Great Career. Additionally, Scott is the author of the multi-week Amazon #1 New Release: Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow. Scott authors a weekly leadership column for Inc.com and is a frequent contributor for Thrive Global. Previously Scott worked for the Disney Development Company, having grown up in Central Florida, and currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and three sons.

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