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Ryan Berman knows a great deal about the importance of courage.  He has spent his career creating and sharing courageous ideas.  He also invested four years of his life interviewing leaders and studying organizations to understand why courage matters. In 2019, Ryan released Return on Courage: A Business Playbook for Courage Change.  Let’s face it, we need courageous leaders - people who stand for something and are willing to take action.  Ryan joins Patrick in the lab to help you to become the courageous leader that people need.  You can learn more about Ryan’s work at or by emailing him at 

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Patrick Leddin

Patrick Leddin has benefited from both hands-on leadership and management experience coupled with academic rigor and expertise. Patrick served as a U.S. Army airborne, infantry, ranger-qualified officer, worked as a Project Manager at KPMG Consulting. His consulting work has allowed him to partner with clients in the United States, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Great Britain, Aruba, Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Guam, and many other countries around the world. In addition to his work at Leddin Group, Patrick is an Associate Professor at Vanderbilt University in the Practice of Managerial Studies where he teaches Corporate Strategy, Negotiation, and Advanced Marketing.

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