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© Franklin Covey Co. and CoveyLink, LLC. All rights reserved. 3 care about the people that you're leading — and they know you care about them. The agenda that best builds credibility and trust is when you are open and seek mutual benefit — that's called win-win. Think about it: When you suspect someone has a hidden agenda, you question everything they say and do. THE 4 CORES OF CREDIBILITY The third core of credibility is capabilities. On our tree, capabilities are the branches that produce the fruits. Capabilities refer to your ability to inspire confidence. The key question here is this: Are you relevant? A doctor might have integrity and his motives might be good, but unless he's trained to perform a particular task at hand, he'll be lacking in credibility. The fourth core of credibility is results. Results refer to your track record and performance, and they matter enormously to your credibility. As Jack Welch said, having results is like having "performance chits" on the table. They give you clout. They classify you as a producer, a performer. Results are what convert the cynics. Returning again to the metaphor of the tree, results are the fruits — the tangible, measurable, end purpose and product of the roots, trunk, and branches. Each of these four cores — integrity, intent, capabilities, and results — is vital to personal and organizational credibility. TRUST IS STRENGTHENED BY HOW YOU ACT After credibility, the other key building block to trust is behavior. People not only judge your results, they also judge how you achieved them. The Speed of Trust identifies thirteen high-trust behaviors, including keeping commitments, righting wrongs, practicing accountability, demonstrating respect, listening first, and talking straight. The opposites of these thirteen behaviors destroy trust: breaking commitments, denying wrongs, shirking responsibility, showing disrespect, failing to listen, and lying. While the behaviors are straightforward, all too often they are uncommon. More frequently, people and organizations use counterfeit behaviors, like "spinning" a story instead of BUILDING A WINNING CULTURE: INSPIRE TRUST Results are what convert the cynics. CHARACTER COMPETENCE INTEGRITY INTENT CAPABILITIES THE 4 CORES OF CREDIBILITY RESULTS 4 3 2 1

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