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© Franklin Covey Co. and CoveyLink, LLC. All rights reserved. 5 BUILDING A WINNING CULTURE: INSPIRE TRUST BUILDING TRUST: ACTION STEPS To begin the process of building trust within your team follow these four steps: STEP CHECKPOINTS 1. Assess Your Character Integrity How do you view your own actions? Are they aligned to your own deepest values? Intent What's your agenda? Is it hidden or out in the open? 2. Assess Your Competence Capabilities Can you deliver what you promise? Are you still relevant? Results What's your track record? 3. Practice the 13 Trust Behaviors 1. Talk straight. Are you honest? Do you tell the truth? 2. Demonstrate respect. Do you genuinely care about the people around you? 3. Create transparency. Do you tell the truth in a way people can verify for themselves? 4. Right wrongs. Do you apologize quickly? Do you make restitution where possible? 5. Show loyalty. Do you give credit to others? Do you badmouth people behind their backs? 6. Deliver results. Do you get the right things done? 7. Get better. Are you a constant learner? 8. Confront reality. Do you address the tough stuff directly? 9. Clarify expectations. Do you write them down? Do you discuss them? Do you violate them? 10. Practice accountability. Do you take responsibility for results, good and bad? 11. Listen first. Do you assume that you know what others think and feel without listening? 12. Keep commitments. Do you attempt to spin your way out of a commitment you've broken? 13. Extend trust. Do you trust others based on the situation, the risk, and credibility of the people involved — but err on the side of trust?

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