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© Franklin Covey Co. All rights reserved. For more information on this research and ways to improve first- level leaders in your organization, email us at or visit THE FRANKLINCOVEY FIRST-LEVEL LEADER REPORT The FranklinCovey First-Level Leader Report is a quantitative study that helps organizations know how to engage and improve their first-level leaders. An independent research firm surveyed a random sample of 400 first-level leaders in November 2018. Margin of error at the 95% confidence level is plus or minus 4.9%. The industry and ethnicity data breakouts are directional only. When leaders focus on game-changing outcomes, they transform their organizations. While first-level leaders are confident in their ability to deliver, frequently their confidence is out of touch with reality. OUTCOME ONE 5.4   months (1,728 work hours) is the time it takes, on average, for first-level leaders to feel they are making a positive difference. OUTCOME TWO 30%   longer is the amount of time it takes new leaders with self-proclaimed introverted personalities to feel they are making a positive impact compared to leaders with extroverted personalities. OUTCOME THREE 94%   of first-level leaders are confident they can manage projects successfully. 36%   believe that many aspects of their jobs are outside their control. OUTCOME FOUR 95%   of first-level leaders are confident they will achieve the results expected of them. 82%   of the time organizations say they picked the wrong manager.* LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES * Source: Gallup Business Journal; Why Great Managers Are So Rare; March 25, 2014

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