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© Franklin Covey Co. All rights reserved. Perhaps nowhere does purposeful, inspiring leadership have the ability to bring about more radical transformation today than in the realm of the sales organization. The assumption in the past was that if you wanted greater sales, all you needed was great salespeople. But that's no longer true: customers' demands are too high, and the selling environment is too complex. Buyers now know more than ever about their needs and choices, and your competition. They engage sellers later in the buying cycle, after needs, budgets, and options have been identified. Leaders who are in tune with the current reality recognize that building an enduring legacy of success doesn't come from creating great salespeople, it comes from creating a superior sales culture. Our research shows that somewhere north of 50 percent of customer loyalty is established before customers experience a service or take delivery of a product. This means that how you sell matters more than what you sell. It means that the buying and selling experience is a big part of your brand. What if your salespeople were well-informed, insightful, trustworthy businesspeople, who were looking to create value with and for clients? A sales force like this runs on a combination of critical communication skills coupled with disciplined business thinking and focused execution. This enables your salespeople to talk honestly and put insightful thinking on the table, explore important issues, and collaborate to craft solutions that exactly meet clients' needs. The goal is to help clients succeed. This model of selling engages and motivates your entire sales culture, empowering them to do something for clients rather than to them, Building a winning culture: a legacy of sales leadership " Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." — Michael Jordan

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