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© Franklin Covey Co. All rights reserved. Each person in your organization is unique and has an irreplaceable set of gifts, talents, skills, and passions that cannot be found anywhere else. Too many leaders labor under the pernicious paradigm that people are interchangeable, that one worker equals another, that they can easily replace one person with another person. Or leaders toss out the dull cliché that "our people are our most important assets." But people are not assets. An asset is something you own — a human being cannot treated like a machine. The old industrial paradigm that an employee is an interchangeable cog in the machine is the most important reason why people are disengaged in the workplace, refusing to give the "extra effort." That's why the most important job to be done now is to replace that paradigm with a new paradigm: that every person is uniquely powerful. Your job as a leader is to unleash that power. THE JOB USED TO BE… THE JOB THAT YOU MUST DO NOW… Do more with less Unleash and engage people to do infinitely more than you imagined they could. TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY PRODUCTIVITY BARRIERS FranklinCovey has been the leader in time management for many years. We've trained more than 25 million people and enabled that learning with our famous Franklin Planner tools. But today's productivity problems go far deeper than just managing units of time. In the Knowledge Worker Age, we have specific challenges that can leave us feeling unaccomplished and weary at the end of the day. Building a Winning Culture: Unleash Productivity Given enough support, any human being has virtually limitless power.

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