Individual Effectiveness

Essential tools and resources for cultivating personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Why Productivity Matters

    Why Productivity Matters

    The mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets of the Productivity Suite work together, enabling knowledge workers and leaders to perform at their peak every day.

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  • Circle of Influence3:50

    Circle of Influence

    Focus your energy and attention where it counts, on the things over which you have influence. As you focus on things within your Circle of Influence, it will expand.

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  • Personal Energy Crisis

    Personal Energy Crisis

    How is your energy level? Do you make it through the day without nodding off to sleep or do you find that you need to use toothpicks to keep your eyelids open?

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  • 7 Ways to Be More Proactive

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  • The Impact of Sleep on Productivity2:26

    The Impact of Sleep on Productivity

    Join bestselling author and FranklinCovey productivity expert Leena Rinne, as she discusses three key energy drivers—sleep, relax, and connect—and tactical ways you can improve your energy level today

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  • Model Work/Life Balance

    Model Work/Life Balance

    If paparazzi had followed you last week, would they have seen a balance of activities at work and outside of work? What’s the impact?

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  • Manage Your Energy to do Your Job Well

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  • The 30/10 Promise4:11

    The 30/10 Promise

    Kory Kogon joins Scott Miller for this episode of FranklinCovey On Leadership. In this clip, Kory explains the 30/10 promise and how it changes productivity.

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  • How to Manage Your Time: 7 Tips For Doing What Matters Most

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  • How's Your "Quality Attention"?

    How's Your "Quality Attention"?

    Does it seem like, more and more, you are so busy working to accomplishing a variety of tasks all at once that you are rarely able to dig deep

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  • Weekly Planning7:11

    Weekly Planning

    Plan your week, each week, before the week begins. Doing so will allow you to put first things first and to ensure you are organizing and executing around your most important priorities.

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  • Be Productive - Block Time

    Be Productive - Block Time

    Kory Kogon shares three tips to help you block time and to be more productive.

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  • Slow Down

    Slow Down

    Remove barriers that limit productivity by enacting this leadership tip in your interactions with people.

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  • Daniel Pink on Being Intentional About When You Do Things1:58

    Daniel Pink on Being Intentional About When You Do Things

    Join bestselling author Daniel Pink to learn how to leverage timing to produce better results, and when you should—and shouldn’t—do your analytical, routine, and creative work.

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  • Proactive Language3:35

    Proactive Language

    Our paradigms are both revealed and shaped by the words we use. If we see ourselves as powerless, it shows up in our language.

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  • Choice 1: Act on the Important2:29

    Choice 1: Act on the Important

    Choice 1: Act on the Important, Don't React to the Urgent is based on the principle of discernment, which is the use of insight and understanding in making a choice.

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  • 7 Ways to Be More Proactive

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  • 6 Ingredients For A Great Life

    6 Ingredients For A Great Life

    It’s really important that you challenge yourself to put time into the things that you really do love. Don’t let it be a coincidence what ends up in your recipe for a great life.

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  • Choice 2: Go For Extraordinary2:25

    Choice 2: Go For Extraordinary

    Choice 2 is based on the principle of potential, which is the latent capacity to do something great. Watch as lead author of The 5 Choices, goes into detail on how this choice impacts productivity.

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  • 5 Steps to Unleash Productivity

    5 Steps to Unleash Productivity

    Each person in your organization is unique and has an irreplaceable set of gifts, talents, skills, and passions that cannot be found anywhere else.

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  • Buried Alive1:52

    Buried Alive

    Use The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity to break free from the daily urgencies that seem to bury you alive.

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  • Carry Your Own Weather - The 7 Habits1:24

    Carry Your Own Weather - The 7 Habits

    You have the power and freedom to choose how you will react and feel each day.

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  • Model Productive Behavior

    Model Productive Behavior

    Kory Kogon says leaders must set the example for their direct reports. Here's one tip on how to model productive behavior.

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  • Do You Know Your Values?

    Do You Know Your Values?

    In order to 'schedule the big rocks' you need to first identify what they are and you do that by determining your values.

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