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Blocking time is the number one time-management skill we MUST master to 100%. As things continue to speed up, and huge amounts of information comes in like never before, we must make a fresh commitment to blocking time.

When I say blocking time, I mean: block time in your calendar in small increments depending on what you need to do.  Even 30 minutes where you promise yourself to just focus on the task at hand will make a huge difference.  Once you start this, you will find yourself doing it more often because you will get yourself ‘in the zone”

And to be perfectly honest, I’ve had to have a conversation with myself to make this my number one priority!

As knowledge workers, our brain is the number one asset we have, and it’s up to us to optimize that asset. If we don’t block time, we are never bringing our best self forward. It is impossible for our brains to do two things well at the same time. Yes, we can get stuff done that way, but is it really our best stuff?

I am working with teams right now that MUST improve certain areas to move their organization forward. As I review and observe their world, blocking time is the answer that keeps appearing.

The time ticks by like a bad checking account…and a million distractions take more time away from what needs to be done masterfully. Blocking time, even in small increments, will reap enormous benefits.

To bring your best self forward for a piece of work that demands your best, try these three tips to make that time sacred and off limits to distraction:

  1. Close your email
  2. Shut off your phone
  3. Shut your door

Do those three things well and you will juice your adrenaline, feel proud of yourself, and gain the strength to block yet another hour, another day – to win once again.

Give it a try. You’d be amazed at your own potential to win and win well. 

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About the Author

Kory Kogon

Kory Kogon is FranklinCovey's Vice President of Field Development. Kory's focus is to help strengthen the capacity of the field teams to be highly consultative, while driving revenue and renewal within FranklinCovey's new and exciting subscription model, the All Access Pass. Kory is also one of the authors of the Wall Street Journal bestseller "The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity", in addition to "Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager" and "Presentation Advantage". She has over 25 years of business expertise from front line positions to an executive team member. Prior to FranklinCovey, Kory spent six years as the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations for AlphaGraphics, Inc.

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