FranklinCovey Leadership Tips

FranklinCovey Leadership Tips are designed to help new and existing leaders to succeed in their roles. This bite-sized content is ideal for leaders who don't have the time for long-form content, but who still want to develop their skills and improve.

  • Don't Force Togetherness

    Don't Force Togetherness

    Build a team culture where direct reports can bond without feeling like you’re forcing togetherness.

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  • Get Your Volume Right

    Get Your Volume Right

    We all have natural strengths—our “go to” way for getting things done. But sometimes, they are so ingrained, we’re unaware of how we overuse them and the impact that has on others.

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  • Think Win/Win

    Think Win/Win

    You are in a position of influencing other people. And the habit of effective interpersonal leadership is Thinking Win/Win.

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  • Seek 3rd Alternatives

    Seek 3rd Alternatives

    Even if your team rarely agrees on the same idea, you can seek the 3rd alternative.

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  • Utilize the Space Between Stimulus and Response

    Utilize the Space Between Stimulus and Response

    Victor Frankl used the human endowment of self-awareness to discover a fundamental principle about the nature of man: Between stimulus and response, man has the freedom to choose.

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  • Balance Courage and Consideration

    Balance Courage and Consideration

    To be highly effective means to be courageous and considerate to those around us.

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  • Respectfully Seek to be Understood

    Respectfully Seek to be Understood

    Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Seeking to be understood is the second half of effective communication.

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  • Value Differences

    Value Differences

    Valuing differences is the foundation for creating synergy.

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  • Be Proactive

    Be Proactive

    The principles of being proactive empowers us with responsibility, choice, accountability, initiative, and resourcefulness.

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  • Create and Live By a Personal Mission Statement

    Create and Live By a Personal Mission Statement

    A Personal Mission Statement is the end in mind of our lives. It enables us to shape our own future instead of letting it be shaped by other people or circumstances.

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  • Avoid The Dangers Of Duplicity

    Avoid The Dangers Of Duplicity

    When you defend the integrity of a person who is absent, what does that say to those who are present?

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  • Utilize Randomization Procedures

    Utilize Randomization Procedures

    Sometimes the best way to take bias out of the equation is to shield yourself from, well, yourself.

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  • There Are No Quick Fixes

    There Are No Quick Fixes

    To get quality, we need a principle-centered, character-based, inside-out approach, meaning that we start with ourselves our paradigms and motives.

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  • Deepen Your Understanding

    Deepen Your Understanding

    Few things, if any, can expose your assumptions about people more effectively than getting to know them better.

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  • Set Checks And Balances

    Set Checks And Balances

    If you are concerned that your unconscious bias could be affecting your work, set checks and balances to help keep your bias from getting in the way.

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  • See People as They See Themselves

    See People as They See Themselves

    When setting your expectations and feedback approach for direct reports, rely less on how you see them — and more on how they see themselves.

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  • Reflect On Your Bias

    Reflect On Your Bias

    Reflection is where we find room for improvement. Learn why reflection is vital to keeping our unconscious bias in check.

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  • Avoid Autopilot

    Avoid Autopilot

    Our brains act out of habit basically whenever they can to spare us from information overload. Learn how this autopilot influences unconscious bias.

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  • Become a Transition Person

    Become a Transition Person

    We can't change the past, but we can change the future. Learn what being a transition person means with this FranklinCovey leadership tip.

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  • Keep Commitments

    Keep Commitments

    Make keeping commitments the symbol of your honor. Learn how with this helpful leadership tip.

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