Avoid Interruptions

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Picture this: You have a busy workload full of things you have to get done, but every time you sit down, one of your direct reports comes running into your office with a question. For some of us, this isn't too hard to picture. Interruptions are a common issue that all leaders must deal with, while also working to deliver on their own responsibilities. Constant interruptions ruin productivity.

Luckily, there are ways to limit interruptions and take control of your time. Try pre-emptively setting "off-limit" times with your team so when they see your office door closed, they know not to interrupt. Ask them to send questions or projects in emails or messaging apps so that you can get to them when you are available. We all understand that some things can't wait, but you can still communicate with your team that if it's not truly Q1 or Q2, then it can wait.

Likewise, be sure to set one-on-ones with individual team members. That way, your team members will know that you will always make time for them.

As you schedule the time you need to get your work done, your productivity will increase and you'll still have time for your team.

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