Balance Courage and Consideration


To be highly effective means to be courageous. We are willing and able to speak our thoughts respectfully. It also means being considerate to those around us. We are willing and able to seek out and listen to others' thoughts and feelings with respect. While courage may focus on getting the end result, consideration deals with the long-term welfare of the other stakeholders.

It takes practice to get the balance just right. Most of us are more inclined to being one over the other, whether that's standing up and speaking out or listening to others and acknowledging their feelings. Once you know where you stand, you'll be able to practice living in balance. This balance also takes a certain level of maturity.

Maturity is the balance between courage and consideration. If people can express their feelings and convictions with courage balanced with consideration for the feelings and convictions of others, they are mature, particularly if the issue is very important to both parties.

Use this tool to determine if you are high or low in courage or consideration.


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