Demonstrate Respect


Respect is something every human being deserves. As a leader, you must respect every person on your team no matter their role. As a person, you must show respect to everyone you come in contact with.

Stephen R. Covey said, “How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one.”

Treat everyone with respect. Don’t be caught in the mindset of only respecting people who can give you something. People can tell when you are disingenuous, and you will eventually be called out for it.

Show kindness in the little things. Smile at your coworkers when you walk past them. Ask about something they are working on and show a genuine interest in how it is going.

Don't pretend to care. Learn to really care about people by asking yourself, “How would I feel if…” then add what your coworkers and direct reports are going through. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is one way to grow in empathy.

It is impossible to be effective while trying to be “efficient” with people, so don’t get caught in that lie. Building strong relationships—work-related or otherwise—takes time.

Show respect to every individual you interact with. At work, at home, or while you’re driving, whether you know the person or not, give everyone the decency of respect.


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