Doubt Yourself

January 25, 2019 FranklinCovey Content Team


This is a rather bold statement, but it's ok to doubt yourself and can even be helpful, especially if you have grandiose ideals.

After you suggest an idea, work with your team to find the best solution possible. Listen to other people to fully understand his or her point of view. Put aside your assumptions and step into a learner mode to enhance your understanding. Of course, if you haven't made it safe to tell the truth among your direct reports, this won't work. 

Ask other people for their thoughts on your ideas, get some critics, then revisit your idea with a clearer perspective. When you admit you don’t know everything, you build your credibility and strengthen relationships with your direct reports.

Leading a team requires a different skillset than working as an individual contributor. To succeed in the face of new challenges, first-level leaders need to shift how they think and act. Download our latest guide and develop your people into a high-performing team. 

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