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January 22, 2019 FranklinCovey Content Team


Have you ever gone through your day with something stuck in your teeth and no one told you? That's what feels like when you go through your career making the same mistake without correction. It can be embarrassing and frustrating to find out you've been making the same mistake for a long time. You can save someone from that frustration (and minimize the embarrassment) by giving timely and helpful feedback.

It can be intimidating to give feedback. People might not take constructive criticism well. Don’t let the fear of having a difficult conversation or being disliked stop you from developing your team. When you notice a behavior that needs to be addressed, don't wait.

Give feedback when you first notice it. Allowing time to get in the way of someone's development could make it more difficult to overcome the behavior. Also, be specific about your feedback and the behavior's impact on the team. Lastly, always listen to the person's response, and be prepared for all types of reactions.

These guidelines will not only help you avoid mistakes but will make it safe for the person who’s receiving the feedback.

Read this tip for more on giving difficult feedback.

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