Have 1-on-1s

January 11, 2019 FranklinCovey Content Team


1-on-1's are a regular meeting you have with every individual on your team. It usually lasts half an hour to one hour and is a good way to check in, report back, and create goals. 1-on-1's are key to building high engagement and maintaining accountability.

Explain to your team that 1-on-1's will be a top priority, then schedule a time to meet with individuals either every week or every month. Once the schedule is set, do not cancel. When you cancel 1-on-1's, it communicates with that team member that they are a low priority. Reschedule the 1-on-1 if you have to, but try to stick to your schedule as much as possible.

Before a meeting, ask your team member to prepare the agenda beforehand. That way you will know what is important to them and if there is anything on their mind, they will be able to bring it up without being prompted. 

When you treat 1-on-1's as sacred and conduct them effectively, you’ll be surprised by how much they contribute to a high-performing culture.

Don't let 1-on-1s slip into the ineffective and monotonous territory of simple status reports and progress checks. Get 100+ questions to improve your 1-on-1s and use them to engage your people, uncover issues, and unleash potential. 

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