Increase Your Integrity


Integrity is deep honesty and truthfulness. It is who you really are. To have high integrity, you need to have congruence, humility, and courage.

  • Congruence: To live in harmony with your deepest values and beliefs. You walk your walk.
  • Humility: To stand firmly for principles, especially in the face of opposition. You are more concerned with what is right than with being right.
  • Courage: To act according to principles. You do the right thing, especially when it is hard to do. 

You can increase your integrity by:

  • Making and keeping commitments to yourself. Treat commitments to yourself as you would treat commitments to other important people in your life. Make. Keep. Repeat.
  • Standing for something. Write a mission statement or personal credo–an expression of what you stand for. Then live by it.
  • Be open. Exercise humility. Challenge the way you see the world. For example, are your viewpoints totally accurate and complete? Do you seriously consider other view points?

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