Proud to be Promoted


If you’ve earned a promotion to a leadership position because you were a good performer as an individual contributor, you may end up getting more than a promotion. It’s not uncommon for a new leader to become the target of resentment as they leave the ranks of the team to become the leader of the team. 

People are biased and sometimes they feel entitled to a promotion over someone else. If you get a promotion instead of one of your coworkers, they might hold resentment towards you and might not even realize they do. Don't let the resentment of others make you feel guilty for working hard.

Likewise, if one of your coworkers gets promoted, make sure to support them. Starting a new position can be intimidating and being the target of bitterness only makes their job harder. Treat someone the way you want to be treated. Work as a team to make the best situation possible.

Stand tall and continue doing your best in your new position, you earned it.


Unconscious biases are hard to identify, much less know their true impact. Before you can take steps to operate more fairly and effectively at work, you need to get your bearings. Download our latest guide: Seven Misconceptions About Unconscious Bias. 


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