Slow Down

FranklinCovey Content Team


It's another day of hustle. There are deadlines to meet and meetings to attend. Everything seems rather overwhelming. While you're trying to get everything done before heading home, you realize you are working too fast. Mistakes are happening more frequently and your coworkers notice you're not listening as well anymore. In an effort to get things done, our work becomes sloppy.

Stephen R. Covey said: 

“When it comes to people, fast is slow and slow is fast.”

When things start to grow hectic, our natural response is to speed up, but people aren't meant to work fast. In fact, speeding up production only makes things go slower because our sloppy work needs to be corrected. Not only that, but when we work faster our relationships take a hit.

Maybe someone needs you to take time to listen to them, but you're not really listening because you are moving too quickly. That doesn't help anyone! When you stop to really listen, you show respect which starts to remove the barriers that limit productivity.

Every leader struggles at times with their confidence, decision making, and responsibilities, but as you slow down, pause, and listen, things will get easier.

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