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  • Take Stock Of Your Emotional Bank Accounts2:13

    Take Stock Of Your Emotional Bank Accounts

    Are you at risk of being overdrawn or even bankrupt in any of your relationships? You can either grow your relationships or depreciate them.

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  • 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities - are you focusing on the right ones?

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  • Start With Humility2:15

    Start With Humility

    Has your lack of humility held you back? Would you know if it had? If you believe you have room to improve, then you can only get better.

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  • See The Tree, Not Just The Seedling2:10

    See The Tree, Not Just The Seedling

    Are you quick to decide that someone doesn't have what it takes? Empowering individuals improves the whole, the challenge is to recognize potential in others and encourage them to reach it.

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  • Avoid The Pinball Syndrome3:18

    Avoid The Pinball Syndrome

    At the end of a busy day, do you ever feel you've accomplished nothing of real value? It's easy to get caught up in distractions and to lose focus on what is truly important.

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  • Play Your Roles Well2:01

    Play Your Roles Well

    Does success in one area of your life ever come at the expense of another? Make sure to identify your most critical roles and the contribution you want to make in each one.

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  • Think We, Not Me2:05

    Think We, Not Me

    Do you focus on what's in it for you or what's in it for everyone? Try to create opportunities where everyone wins, including you.

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  • Align Inputs and Outputs2:02

    Align Inputs and Outputs

    You can control results by choosing actions that predictably produce your desired results. Evaluating the inputs and outputs in our lives can be a trial-and-error process.

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  • Talk Less, Listen More3:01

    Talk Less, Listen More

    Do you listen to others only with the intent to reply? Actually listening to someone shows you care. Listen first with the intent to understand.

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  • Get Your Volume Right2:34

    Get Your Volume Right

    Have you ever had one of your go-to strengths start working against you? Learn to recognize when and how to "turn the dial down" on certain strengths.

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  • Behave Your Way To Credibility2:54

    Behave Your Way To Credibility

    Have you ever tried to talk your way out of a problem you've behaved yourself into? It doesn't work. Instead, you must act with high character and competence to earn trust.

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  • Extend Trust2:17

    Extend Trust

    Is your natural tendency to trust, or to be suspicious. Learn how to Extend Trust with wisdom.

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  • Wear Glasses That Work3:58

    Wear Glasses That Work

    Wear Glasses That Work and be willing to explore other perspectives. What we see is foundational to everything. The way we see things determines the way we do things, and the results we get.

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  • Examine Your Real Motives3:01

    Examine Your Real Motives

    Have you unintentionally created a hidden agenda? Establish clear intentions that lead to positive contributions when you Examine Your Real Motives.

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  • Make it Safe to Tell the Truth2:23

    Make it Safe to Tell the Truth

    When was the last time you asked for feedback on your performance? Make it Safe to Tell the Truth so that you can get honest and actionable feedback.

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  • Carry Your Own Weather2:47

    Carry Your Own Weather

    Do you allow other people or circumstances to determine the course of your life? Carry your own weather and choose your response, don’t simply react.

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