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Unconscious Bias videos.

  • Attribution Bias In The Workplace1:14

    Attribution Bias In The Workplace

    Attribution bias is the tendency to have different rationale for your own behavior versus that of others. Irene Stone shares ways to identify and address attribution bias in the workplace.

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  • Manage Your Biases To Better Manage Your Team

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  • How Can Addressing Unconscious Bias Improve Organizational Results?1:33

    How Can Addressing Unconscious Bias Improve Organizational Results?

    Research has shown that organizations that address bias achieve better organizational results. Jimmy McDermott shares how addressing bias impacts engagement, performance, and impacts the bottom line.

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  • How Does Identity Relate To Bias?1:18

    How Does Identity Relate To Bias?

    Identity matters. Each of our unique identifiers is a lens through which we experience life. Brandon Stone explains how some identifiers grant advantages and disadvantages.

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  • If I Confront Bias, Won't It Just Create More Division?1:17

    If I Confront Bias, Won't It Just Create More Division?

    Effectively addressing bias means being both bold and careful. Sydney Eichers shares some ways to be bold and courageous to address bias in the workplace.

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  • 6 Ways to Help Your Organization Be More Inclusive

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  • Ways To Act With Courage1:30

    Ways To Act With Courage

    How we cope with bias can be different in every situation. Kory Kogon shares some ways to act with courage when addressing bias.

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  • Negativity Bias In The Workplace1:17

    Negativity Bias In The Workplace

    Kory Kogon discusses negativity bias in the workplace and how to avoid it by not allowing one negative thing to override many positive things.

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  • Three Common Bias Traps1:28

    Three Common Bias Traps

    Mike Hassett explains three common bias traps where we are more prone than usual to rely on biased thinking.

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  • Is Everyone Biased?1:10

    Is Everyone Biased?

    Pamela Fuller, FranklinCovey’s Inclusion and Bias Thought Leader and Global Client Partner, answers the question of whether or not everyone is biased.

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  • We Are Bias Machines1:17

    We Are Bias Machines

    Have you ever wondered where biases come from? Brandon Stone shares how we as humans create biases.

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  • Everyone Has Biases1:16

    Everyone Has Biases

    It's normal to have bias, and as long as we are actively trying to counteract it, bias shouldn't interfere in our work or relationships.

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  • Unconscious Bias Overview1:20

    Unconscious Bias Overview

    Unconscious biases affect how we make decisions, engage with others, and respond to various situations, often limiting potential, inhibiting performance, and leading to poor decisions.

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