See The Potential All Around You: Janice Bryant Howroyd

Join author and business titan, Janice Bryant Howroyd, as she shares her delightful wisdom and insight into seeing who you really are and understanding the potential of those around you.

Guest Bio:

ActOne Group founder and CEO, Janice Bryant Howroyd, is a North Carolina native who left her hometown in 1976 armed with $1500. Since then, she has dedicated her efforts to building an organization that is committed to keeping the humanity in Human Resources and Strategic, Inclusive Procurement.

Mrs. Howroyd’s commitment to excellence has grown ActOne Group to 19 countries, with over 17,000 clients and more than 2,800 employees. The largest woman-minority owned workforce management company founded in the US, Act.1Group professionals bring expertise in delivering corporate HR initiatives to local and global markets.

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